AllClean indeed clean any Smartphone

AllCleanNew Delhi, India, October 9, 2014: Over 80 Millions smart phone users in India are paving a way to related allied products ie mobile accessories cleaner, cases etc.  Here is a unique product which will help you to clean your mobile phone screen without any hitch and worry. The biggest issue one can face with touch screen mobile phone or tablet PC is scratch and finger marks on the screen which in the long run making your phone screen dull and patchy.

Here is a solution which has been introduced to Indian consumer by Mr Mahesh Gupta, Chairman Kent RO Group. Mr Gupta has introduced AllClean wipes which are perfect to clean your Smartphone or tablet pc screen and by mere 1-2 wipes you can see the difference. Besides mobile phones, the wipes can be used to clean your sun glasses and spectacles. The one good thing about these wipes is they are not like chemical spray, which in long run can fade the chrome polish of your mobile phone etc.

These are made of a specially engineered clothes, you can wash and reuse them for months. A packet of wipe is just for Rs 105 is a good deal to keep your expensive smart phone in good neat and shiny state or your spectacles with crystal clear views.

You can buy these wipes at all leading spectacle stores and some selected mobile phone shoppee across the country.

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