Honeywell launches new midstream natural gas measurement portfolio

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) today announced the launch of its new measurement portfolio for the midstream natural gas sector designed to provide reliable and accurate volume and energy value measurement across a wide range of applications, while helping to cut operating costs by up to 70 percent.

“The need for accurate, reliable measurement has never been greater as the industry faces price volatility, tight margins and wide ranging gas qualities,” said David McNavish, product Marketing manager for HPS, speaking at the Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Low prices and changing patterns of supply sources and demand mean customers need control and confidence across the distribution network.”

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, production of natural gas in the United States will grow by more than 50 percent from 2015 to 2040. Associated infrastructure needed to transport that natural gas, including pipelines and measurement instrumentation, will also increase.

Supported by a complete portfolio of gas measurement technologies including a full range of temperature and pressure transmitters and flow computers, Honeywell’s midstream gas measurement offering brings together three leading products:

  • The TwinSonic two-in-one ultrasonic gas meter delivers increased confidence and operational integrity for custody transfer measurement. It combines the field-proven Q.Sonic ultrasonic meter with an additional independent measurement for verification in the same body for improved confidence, greater efficiency and more reliable operations. A patented six-path configuration for the primary measurement provides detailed flow profile measurement, superb noise immunity, and unrivaled pressure and velocity abilities. In-built verification improves confidence and reliability, reducing risk while saving users up to $50,000 for each meter against using two meters in series.
  • The Encal 3000 gas chromatograph is specially designed for natural gas energy measurements to deliver industry-leading accuracy and low running costs. Using the latest micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and capillary columns it delivers high repeatability and compositional accuracy to enable users to improve both heating value and volumetric (via compressibility) custody transfer measurements. Optimized for varying shale gas compositions the EnCal provides excellent gas-composition measurements from <900 to >1150 BTU/scf using a single, moderate BTU calibration gas. Designed for efficiency, the device requires no routine maintenance. The injector, columns and detectors are designed to last for the life of product, making it easy for even inexperienced technicians to support. The MEMS components also result in much lower consumption of utilities, with one bottle of the Helium carrier gas lasting up to 18 months – giving the Encal 3000 the lowest consumption of any solution available.
  • The GasLab Q2 online gas quality analyzer provides fast, continuous analysis of natural gas’ calorific value, Wobbe index and methane number to optimize billing, efficiency and emissions. It is the ideal solution for anyone whose operations and emissions are adversely impacted by fuel quality variations. Requiring no routine maintenance and able to reduce OPEX by up to 70 percent against gas chromatographs and calorimeters, working with the GasLab is simple. Built on Honeywell’s proven GasLab technology it supports a wide range of uses: natural gas feedstock blending; point-of-use custody transfer; real-time quality control of the fuel mix for gas turbines in power plants; and improved combustion control for kilns, metal processing, and glass industries.

“Together these products and our Total Care Field Services allow Honeywell to offer a one-stop shop with the industry’s widest, most versatile and highest performing portfolio for natural gas measurement,” said McNavish. News Service

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