QiKU India CEO explains idea behind Q invites

New Delhi, India, December 3, 2015: Varun Sharma, CEO, Qiku India, today announced that Qiku will welcome first 1313 people, a representation of the innovative duoscopic 13 MP cameras, to register on their forum to be part of the #GameChanger Club, by rolling out the Q invites starting 5th December for them first.

Varun Sharma said, “Q Invites are an invitation to Qiku’s #GameChanger club and not just an invite to buy Q Terra. The special price of Rs. 19999 on the Terra is a privilege for the members of this club!”

In his blogpost today -Q-Invites? Our way of saying – Welcome to the #GameChanger Club!, Varun Sharma explained the idea behind the Q Invites, stating that the Q-Invite are Qiku’s way of saying Thank You to its community in India as well as to people who want to part of the #GameChanger Club. The first 1313 people to register on the forum starting today will be the first users in India to get Q Invites starting 5th December 2015 along with users registered already on the forum.

The Qiku Q Terra goes on sale on 22nd December and will be available at INR 19,999 through Q Invite and without invite for INR 21,999 on Gadgets 360.

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