ZTE Introduces Wellbeing Initiatives for its Employees in India to Fight against COVID-19

As the country continues its battle against COVID-19, ZTE, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has adopted various key measures to provide aid and support for the wellbeing of its employees in India.

In an effort to combat the ongoing pandemic swiftly, a COVID Review Team, consisting of ZTE India senior management, has been formed to accommodate and drive employee COVID welfare actions. This team assesses the number of active cases and patterns among staff on a daily basis in order to support them.

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, putting a strain on the country’s healthcare sector, ZTE India has secured an Exclusive COVID Insurance for its employees. This insurance will cover the costs of hospitalization and home isolation. This policy supplements the existing Group Mediclaim Coverage Policy for employees and their families.

Additionally, the company has extended “Doctor on Call” services to its employees in an attempt to aid them and offer emergency assistance to anyone affected with the virus at a significantly reduced fee. The organization has also established a “Help Desk” for employees and their families to seek assistance with issues such as medicine, oxygen, and hospital beds. As a token of moral support to affected employees or family members, ZTE is providing “Healthy India-Healthy ZTE” safety hygiene kits to assist them with the comfort of togetherness.

Under the “Healthy ZTE-Healthy India” effort, the company has launched its “Get Vaccination” programme to encourage employees and their families to get vaccinated. The company would cover the cost of vaccination for its employees. The organization has set up oxygen concentrators at various locations and intends to bring more as needed by its staff. Furthermore, a stock of oxygen canisters has been procured at various location offices for mildly affected employees or their families.

Commenting on the initiatives, Ashoka Li, Chief Executive Officer, ZTE India, says, “We at ZTE have always believed in the holistic development of our employees and community as a whole. Our employees’ wellbeing is our primary concern, and the company will support and assist them at every step of the way.”

To ensure that everyone can cope with the pandemic-induced stress, the organization is also providing its afflicted staff with COVID-related medications and psychological counselling. Along with it, ZTE India is sending out regular updates and awareness mails to its staff. These mails are distributed to promote the culture of Do’s and Don’ts throughout and POST COVID recovery.

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