COVID-relief initiatives by Samsung Semiconductor and Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

Spokesperson – Ramesh Kumar, Head of HR, Wells Fargo India & Philippines

Covid initiatives:

What’s in place –

Tie-up with top-tier healthcare brands in India: 

  • In order to conduct a company-wide vaccination drive across Wells Fargo offices in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru, where employees who haven’t been vaccinated yet will have access to receive the shots on site.  This will commence shortly and will include security teams and other support staff as well. As many of the Wells Fargo employees are working from their hometowns, the organization’s many tie-ups with health care providers allow for a wider network for their employees to access. The employees and their dependents can access the COVID-care isolation and quarantine facilities offered by their partners if they have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been advised to quarantine away from others.
  • As the majority of Wells Fargo employees fall in the 18-44 category, this drive seeks to ease the access to vaccination. Additionally, a vaccination drive in their office premises also allows the diverse employees easier access to a life-saving solution.
  • Wells Fargo further has plans to provide an offsite option, for employees and their dependents to access our partner healthcare facilities across the country for vaccinations.
  • The vaccination drive has started recently, and they do not yet have the number of employees who got vaccinated to share.

Other Tie-ups:

  • Furthermore, some of the benefits that Wells Fargo has signed up for includes access to medical services at any time of the day, including video consultations, teleconsultations, COVID-19 related services, and more. The tie-ups also include a network of hotels for isolation and primary care, which provides employees with a single room with all meals, nursing support and daily virtual doctor consultation with standby oxygen support.
  • Wells Fargo’s collaboration with healthcare providers and hospitals offers medical teleconsultation services, where employees can get – from doctors – advice, prescriptions, referrals and receive other medical support without leaving their homes, at no cost.
  • In Hyderabad, they have tied up with the Cyberabad police to provide information, advice and support for mild COVID-19 symptoms, as well as oxygen support for more serious cases.

Financial assistance:

  • Wells Fargo has also introduced insurance coverage for mental health treatment, in case any of our employees need assistance during these challenging times. In addition, our Employee Assistance Program has counsellor sessions available for employees and families, in case they need support in dealing with issues during the crisis. Their managers have been working with their respective teams to provide any kind of support employees might need when they or their family members have tested positive for COVID-19 through this past year.
  • They have also enhanced the medical insurance cover for treatment at home or in case of hospitalization. In addition to this, those who have already availed the vaccine outside, or intend to, will be reimbursed – for themselves as well as their dependents – for both doses. For those who test positive, they’ve made available additional days of leave, and immediate salary advance for those who need it.
  • To help provide financial support during the COVID-19 crisis, Wells Fargo is providing a one-time allowance of INR 15,000 or INR 30,000 for employees in India who have tested positive for COVID-19 since April 1, 2021. This temporary program has been put in place while we look towards expanding other benefit plans to help cover employees’ COVID-19 related expenses.

Samsung Semiconductor India R&D

Spokesperson – Balajee Sowrirajan, MD, Samsung Semiconductor India R&D

Covid initiative:

The second wave of Covid-19 has impacted many employees and their families at SSIR and the organization is supporting their employees in meaningful ways. Many of these ‘SSIR Cares’ initiatives and benefits have been in place for some time and employees are availing it. 


Samsung Semiconductor R&D (SSIR) based in Bangalore has announced vaccination drives for its employees and their dependents and are looking to vaccinate over 2000+ people. The 4 day vaccination drive, held in association with Manipal Hospital will be conducted free of cost for the Bangalore campus. Employees and dependents who are currently not in Bangalore will have the option to have their vaccinations reimbursed by the organization. Based on the need and availability, SSIR will look to organize more such camps in the near future as required.

Other Initiatives

  • Since the onset of the pandemic, SSIR has Covid-19 leaves- 14 days paid leave for covid-19 impacted employees. They also provide health kit reimbursement for infected employees (Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, BP apparatus)
  • SSIR has also set up a Covid-19 task force and volunteer team- provides assistance to employees and families to find resources, hospitals, medicines etc.
  • Various employee assistance program were initiated which includies
  • Mental and emotional well-being support- tie-up with 1to1 help , employee assistance program
  • Online doctor consultation for employees and dependents
  • Group Mediclaim insurance- additional top-up option was given to all employees to extend the coverage, Home Care Treatment included for insurance claim (when Medical Practitioner advises the Insured Person to undergo treatment at home, not for mild or isolation cases)
  • Support for getting RT-PCR test done at home through a tie-up- for employee convenience
  • Apart from that, oxygen concentrators have been procured for supporting employees and families when needed. Internally we are also sharing Covid warrior stories of resilience and hope and also encouraging people to share thoughts on being grateful

Authored by:- Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Head of HR, Wells Fargo India & Philippines & Mr. Balajee Sowrirajan, MD, Samsung Semiconductor India R&D

(The views expressed in this article are by – Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Head of HR, Wells Fargo India & Philippines & Mr. Balajee Sowrirajan, MD, Samsung Semiconductor India R&D. doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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