“Commvault uses advanced analytics and AI functionality extensively across its entire product portfolio” – By, Mr. Pradeep Seshadri, Director, Sales Engineering, India and SAARC

  1. Pradeep Seshadri, Director, Sales Engineering, India and SAARCTell us a little bit about Evalueserve?

Evalueserve is a global analytics and consulting firm, offering a range of services—including data analytics, service design consulting, knowledge services, and digital platforms for customers across 15-plus industries. Powered by mind+machine methodology, a unique combination of human expertise and best-in-class technologies, Evalueserve designs and manages needs-tailored processes for global enterprises, helping them get the most out of their core processes.

Starting out as a small India-based research firm, Evalueserve today boasts a team of 4000-plus experts and six operating centres globally, and serves as a trusted analytics partner to many Fortune 500 companies across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

  1. What are the challenges they were facing and how did it impact their business?

Being the preferred analytics partner to global industry leaders, Evalueserve was seeing up to 300% Y-on-Y  data growth and needed to ensure timely data backups and seamless data restoration whenever needed.

Evalueserve manages sensitive data and intellectual property information. It was even more crucial for them to ensure that their customer information is 100% secure and available, even in the event of system failures.

Some of the key challenges that Evalueserve was facing, included unreliable legacy disk-based backup solution, slow back up and data restoration across two locations. Moreover, there was a lot of inefficiency in tape-based backups as they required excessive staff time to manage and coordinate off-site storage. Commvault’s solutions to these challenges ensured that their data was secure, agile and protected from future unforeseen cyber-attacks.

  1. What was the go-to solution suggested to tackle the hurdles by Commvault?

Commvault proposed a comprehensive intelligent data management solution to address Evalueserve’s data risks that exists today and the ones that can arise tomorrow. Commvault Complete Data Protection, was deployed, offering a single interface, to ensure data availability and business continuity across on-prem and cloud environments.

The solution was deployed to encrypt and recover data from different locations based on RPO and RTO with customers. Using Commvault’s encryption and security features, we enabled Evalueserve to securely encrypt backup copies with different decryption keys and rapidly restore them even in an event of ‘hijack’ of their primary data. Moreover, the unauthorized access to data was also eliminated by using the role-based access control of Commvault Command Centre.

  1. Can you explain the solution in detail? How does the solution work?

Commvault’s Complete Data Protection is a single, powerful backup software solution for data protection – wherever the data lives. It helps ensure data availability and business continuity across both on-premises and cloud environments.

It provides simple, scalable and comprehensive backup, replication and disaster recovery orchestration for all enterprise workloads. And it’s easily managed through an intuitive, web-based user interface with role-based access control, enabling fully-permissioned self-service, freeing-up IT staff to focus on higher-value activities.

  1. How were the technologies such as, AI, ML, DL, RL or IoT introduced, and what were they leveraged for?

Commvault uses advanced analytics and AI functionality extensively across its entire product portfolio, including Commvault Complete Data Protection. Our advanced technology powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning makes it possible to detect and alert on possible attacks as they happen so that enterprises can respond quickly.

I would like to share a couple of features that Commvault Complete Data Protection software has, Firstly, File system activity monitoring – It utilizes historical data and machine-learning algorithms to detect statistically variant file system behaviour (also known as anomaly detection). Secondly, we have a monitor for honey pot files that detects and makes signature changes to the hidden files which are attractive to ransomware attacks. Thirdly, our Certificate Authentication Lockdown tool prevents clients from being added to the data protection architecture without additional administrative steps and privileges.

Finally, Commvault’s Actionable alerting tool automatically acts and alerts for awareness or embed a recommended action workflow into the alert for administrator execution. This greatly helps us keep data backups out of danger and makes it possible to restore them quickly.

Therefore in this way, we help our customers, including Evalueserve, to minimize the impact of even a successful ransomware attack so they can get back to business right away.

  1. What are the workloads being managed by Commvault? Any key applications for which these workloads are being used? 

Given that we are amidst fragmented and hybrid workforces, worldwide and across industries. the main requirement here was to protect physical and virtual workloads. The virtual infrastructure hosts the Microsoft application, additionally CCTV and file data are also being backed up and retained for 180 days for a full proof solution.

Evalueserve is also using Commvault’s capabilities to protect critical datasets for their own customers for the desired lifetime of the project. 

  1. What are the benefits encountered post the deployment? (With percentage) What are the plans with your customer in the future?

By adopting Commvault Complete Data Protection, Evalueserve was able to securely encrypt backup copies and rapidly restore them, even in case of any ransomware attack. With the deployment of Commvault’s solutions, Evalueserve could now restore and backup 50% faster. There was a 50% increase in storage capacity due to improved efficiencies and Commvault’s disk-based backup solution helped Evalueserve to eliminate the annual spend on 250 tapes. Not to mention, the backup window was 55% shorter now that resulted in 57% less time taken to complete the restoration drill.

Apart from this, there was huge improvement in efficiency by cutting administrators backup management time from 18 hours to just 45 minutes per day while also achieving RPO and RTO timeline for clients compliant with regulatory guidelines.

We feel fortunate to partner with Evalueserve to protect their on-premises data in India, including databases, applications, and file servers, and now, we are looking forward to expand the solutions to all locations. As the business moves more workloads to the cloud, we look forward to helping them expand the Commvault backup solution to support their hybrid-cloud environments.

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