Desperate Need for Serious Measures to prevent leakage of sensitive data: Verizon

Verizon-Enterprise-Solutions-Ashish-ThaparThe leak and public distribution of illicit photos featuring celebrities such as ‘The Hunger Games’ actress Jennifer Lawrence has raised concern about security measures used to safe guard sensitive cloud-hosted data in enterprise environments not just in the US but in India as well where moving to the cloud is still being evaluated.

While it has been reported that the attack was not a data breach, but rather a coordinated effort to decipher user names, passwords and security questions associated with the targeted accounts, enterprises should use this as a reminder to secure data. The victims certainly had their privacy invaded, but businesses could face far worse consequences if they don’t take the necessary steps to secure their networks.

According to Ashish Thapar, Head – Professional Services, Asia, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, “Enterprises must focus on security by design and not security as an “after-thought”. Data-centric security is the way to go. In today’s world where signature-based technologies are failing and threats continue to evolve; enterprises need intelligence driven security approach to bridge the gap and stay ahead of the curve.”

Rightly so many enterprises believe that the cloud increases security. However, that does not mean these companies don’t need to take security seriously and make sure they understand how to best keep customer data secure and mitigate the threat of data breaches where ever that data is stored.

Some of the preventive measures that organizations such as Verizon Enterprise Solutions have cited include creating a layered security strategy, knowing where data resides and investing wisely in cloud security management. 

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