Savera Marketing launches Edimax wireless modem router

Edimax-AR-7188WnA-wireless-modem-routerKolkata, India, September 15, 2014: Savera Marketing, one of the fastest growing IT distribution house in India, today announced the launch of Edimax AR-7188WnA wireless modem router. All-in-one solution – the AR-7188WnA functions as ADSL modem, wireless router and switch. With advanced MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) technology, AR-7188WnA provides faster data transmission rate of up to 150Mbps with better signal coverage than any standard 802.11g/b router. The Edimax AR-7188WnA is a high performance router that provides reliability and cost-effectiveness for the SOHO and home users.

The AR-7188WnA incorporates high-speed Wireless N and a powerful signal for the simultaneous connection of Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, smart phones, gaming consoles, tablets and PC’s. Featuring the 802.11n wireless technology for increased range for faster and better performance. It allows consumers to enjoy multimedia streaming and VoIP calls with its high-quality wireless connection.

Subir Mahapatra, Vice President at Savera Marketing said, “Many current ADSL subscribers suffer from a slow and restricting broadband connection due to their old Wireless devices leading to less productivity. To address this issue we are launching Edimax AR-7188Wn, inbuilt with modem, router, switch into a single device to save the hassle of extra cords and cables and the cost of leasing a router from DSL service provider. With this SOHO and home users can experience faster and quicker internet connectivity. Users can increase the speed and range of wireless bandwidth in their offices and homes by upgrading their existing broadband connection to a wireless device. This Product comes with a Lightening protector and a detachable 5-DBI Antenna.” 

It comes embedded with 5dBi high-gain detachable antenna, to boost user’s signal to ensure an extended and stable wireless networking range. The AR-7188WnA supports multiple SSIDs for up to four wireless networks. AR-7188WnA provides powerful functionality, robust performance with simple and easy operation.

Edimax strives to connect homes, businesses and mobile platforms in smart and original ways, and designs products to make real-world impacts on user’s home entertainment experiences and productivity. The AR-7188WnA supports 802.11b/g/n with wireless speeds up to 150Mbps.

It provides four RJ-45 Fast Ethernet ports, a power on/off button and virtual server and DMZ functions to safeguard your network’s security. Additionally, an extensive browser based management system gives users powerful control to configure the product as required, and setup is extremely easy with the built-in, multi-language setup wizard and pre-configured ISP selector. There’s also a WPS button for quick one-touch connection with wireless access points or clients.

Features and Technical Specifications 

  • 150Mbps wireless transmission rate with MIMO technology for a smooth wireless N experience
  • Supports multiple SSIDs for up to four wireless networks
  • Easy wireless security encryption with the push of the WPS button
  • Powerful 5dBi detachable antenna 

Price, Warranty and Availability

Edimax AR-7188WnA wireless modem router comes  with the MRP of Rs 3499 and available ex-stock carrying 3 years of warranty.

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