The Best Android Apps For 2019

There are plenty of apps getting launched every now and then. Apps related to health, education, wallpapers, weather, social media and many such fields are on the rise. Each of these fields sees apps being launched by multiple developers and it confuses users to identify the best one. Here is a list of the best apps for Android users to watch out for in 2019.

  1. Fleksy Keyboard

The Fleksy keyboard is explicitly designed for the Android platform. The keyboard comes with an awesome design with various traits to ease the life of Android users. The amazing features of Fleksy keyboard include the option to change and maintain the colour and the size of the keyboard, changing or removing key distribution on the keyboard, making the keyboard invisible, cloud synchronization, gesture shortcuts to name a few.

  1. Sophos Antivirus

Now get your android device protected from malware, viruses, ransomware and much more for free of cost with sophisticated Sophos Antivirus app. The app features don’t end here. It also helps you to block malicious web-content, unwanted apps, protects against theft and loss and much more. This app is not restricted to android, but also works on Macs and Windows. Another amazing feature of Sophos Antivirus is it’s Ad free. Now you can download Sophos Antivirus and visit to play happening live casino games safely.

  1. Bumble Dating App

Now feminists could cheer loud for this new-age app is sure to fascinate them. Bumble dating and the social app is a location-based that helps interested users communicate and catch-up. Ladies on this app get in contact first in heterosexual matches. This is the catch since women can now avoid unwanted men who text them repeatedly and irritate them. In same-sex matches, any person can start the conversation through text.

  1. Weather Underground

The app is designed to give out accurate hyper-local temperature and weather information. You also get to check the present forecasts from more than 200,000 weather stations situated throughout the world. The weather forecasts are precise so you can definitely rely on it if looking forward to any travel.

  1. PhotoDirector

Photodirector app gives you innumerable options to edit your pictures. Features of this fabulous app are lens flare effect, light leak’s effect, HSL sliders, RGB colour channels, Contrast sliders, Brightness changes, Darkness and exposure variations, colour correction, lens correction and more. You also get the option to edit the whole picture or only a part of it.

Not just these, you can even make up a story and your pictures to form a collage. The app also gives you the liberty to share these pictures instantly with your friends through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and such.

  1. RunKeeper Fitness App

This is a GPS(Global Positioning System) enabled fitness tracking app. It allows its users to keep a track of their physical activities like walking, cycling, jogging and such. The GPS allows users to keep track of their progress in terms of time, speed, distance and heart rate. Users can also listen to music and capture picture.

Try out these fabulously advanced apps to use your Android devices to their fullest potential. News Service

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