Bihar Skill Development Mission plays host to Mobile Manufacturers Conclave at National Capital

In a bid to cash-in on the boom in the Smartphone market and frugal data packs, Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) held a Mobile Manufacturers Conclave in New Delhi. The aim was to bring together stakeholders across various sectors of information technology, telecommunication & electronics to create synergy between BSDM, Bihar Govt., the youths of Bihar & Leading Mobile Manufacturers of India. The focus of the meet was at securing support for industry – government partnerships to create new avenues for skilled youths of the state.

The conclave, presided over by Shri Dipak kumar Singh, Principal Secretary, Labour-cum-CEO, Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM)  brainstormed different ideas to establish “center of excellence” in Bihar, create opportunities for youths of the state in mobile manufacturing units under “On the Job Training (OJT)” and “Apprenticeship” model, adopt ITI and other available institutions to impart trainings on industry standards, facilitate establishment of incubation and entrepreneurship centers, build capacity linkages, explore possibilities of CSR interventions and create industry alliance for Bihar on emerging concepts like Internet of Things – IOT, Robotics, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.

Speaking at the conclave, Mr. Singh acknowledged the unprecedented and phenomenal growth in mobile industry and its ripple effect on various Sectors’ of the economy and workforce. He added, “Such transformations has a wider impact on overall market and has led to opportunities not only manufacturing space but also in spaces connected to mobile industry viz. mobile phone carriers, applications, content creation and so on. Bihar, being the supplier state of workforce to many industries, needs to deliver quality skill training and professional knowledge to its youths to enhance their employability and bridge the skill deficit to meet the growing demand for skilled manpower.”

Mobile Manufacturers, too, were excited by the prospects of new potential that lay in the state, where the state of investment and innovation in the telecommunication and IT sector is still at a nascent stage. By convening this discussion meeting with leading mobile manufacturers of India, BSDM has taken a step forward towards industry tie – ups and relationship building with this growing industry to find a sustainable and long-term solution for youths of Bihar.

In Past BSDM has taken many key initiatives to increase the capacity & capability of the system to deliver quality skill training and knowledge to the youth to enhance their employability. In order achieve the goal of maximum employability; BSDM has implemented various skill development schemes such as Recruit-Train-Deploy (RTD), Domain Skilling Program, Kushal Yuva Program (KYP) etc.

Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM), working under the aegis of Department of Labour Resources, Government of Bihar, has been driving the various skill development initiatives to fulfill the growing need in Bihar for skilled manpower across sectors and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills. News Service

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