New Women safety Apps for Windows Phone


Women-safety-Apps-for-Windows-Phone-GuardianGuardian is the ultimate security app. It is easy to configure and has the power of being tracked by buddies and security groups simultaneously, ensuring multi-fold security. The app utilizes combined power of your buddies and security agencies to get help faster when you seek it. It also provides directions to local help such as police, hospitals and other agencies on the phone, as well as provides accurate information for the buddies to respond. With meaningful regular SMS alerts, it ensures that the coverage for the app is to-the-point and maximum.

What makes Guardian unique and best in class is that it leverages a cloud based infrastructure to make sure that even if the attacker destroys the phone or the GPRS connection gets lost, the system intelligently keeps relaying SOS alerts, seeking assistance.

It is absolutely free for Windows Phone users.


Women-safety-Apps-for-Windows-Phone-FightBackCrime against women is increasing and the victims are unable to reach out to the masses for help and in some cases not able to report to the authorities.

FightBack app is a unique solution that uses location based technology and enables user to fight back against crime and protect themselves in emergencies.

This mobile app tracks user’s movement through GPS (Global Positioning System) and sends the location information to the server. In case of emergency, the users can raise panic alerts using this application and inform their friends and family about their location through chosen mediums like SMS, email and Facebook status updates. The SOS Panic Alerts will be sent to their chosen Phonebook Contacts.

Users can also view their current location on Bing Maps.

It is absolutely free for Windows Phone users.

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