Logitech announces its AV meeting room solution ‘Logitech SmartDock’

Logitech announced Logitech SmartDock, an AV meeting room solution designed in collaboration with Microsoft. Logitech SmartDock works with Skype for Business and qualified devices, including Logitech ConferenceCams, to provide a seamless, user-friendly touch-screen console to launch and manage video calls in any meeting space – from the huddle room to the large conference room.

With Logitech SmartDock, people can start meetings on time with one-touch join, then instantly project to the display in the room and share to remote participants via their Skype for Business clients on a smartphone or laptop. The Skype Room System also includes the ability to place or join an audio-only call. Now with the new Skype for Business meeting experience, users can leave their laptops behind, walk into a SmartDock-equipped conference room, and work together as if they were in the same room.


Logitech SmartDock offers HDMI input and output, three USB 3.1 ports and gigabit Ethernet, allowing a variety of Skype Room Systems-certified devices to be connected, including Logitech ConferenceCams. In addition, a power-saving sensor conveniently activates the Logitech SmartDock when motion is detected in the meeting space, and automatically turns the display off when the room is empty.

Sharing content via HDMI is also a breeze with 1080p 60fps input and capture, bringing any collaboration experience to life. The optional Logitech SmartDock Extender Box with a single five-meter cable integrating HDMI, USB, LAN and power creates a clutter-free environment, clears extraneous cables from the conference table, and eliminates the need for a separate hub or power brick. With a pivoting, cast-metal base, the dock secures the tablet into place and a combination of tamper-resistant screws and a Kensington lock help ensure that the tablet is always ready for any meeting.

Pricing and Availability

Logitech SmartDock will be available through authorized distributors in India from February, 2017. SmartDock has an MSRP of INR 69,995/- and will be sold as part of a Skype Room System package. The SmartDock Extender Box has an MSRP of INR 29,995/-. Sample Skype Room System packages include:

  • Base Package: Includes Logitech SmartDock and a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 loaded with Skype Room Systems software.
  • Huddle Room Package with Audio and Video Capabilities: Includes Base Package and Logitech ConferenceCam CONNECT.
  • Large Room Package with Audio and Video Capabilities: Includes Base Package with Extender Box, and Logitech GROUP with two expansion mics.

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