Online Games to Help You Win BIG!

What if you could earn a free dessert with your meal at your favorite restaurant? Or a free entry to an exceptional theatrical experience? Well, that’s precisely what betting online feels like. The probability of winning way more than you had anticipated is always high. Online betting in recent years has transcended into a very fruitful gaming experience for players, both in terms of entertainment and outcome. 

These games also prove to be a great source of engagement in the wake of the current situations. All the ‘Stay home, Stay safe’ precautions have restricted activities in public spaces and have compelled people to remain indoors.  In such a scenario, adding online betting to your pastime schedule could be a fruitful choice of engagement during these dark times.

As we all know the core motivator in betting, offline or online, is without a doubt, winning cash. However, one cannot deny the thrill a Teen Patti game or a round of poker can instill amongst players.

Today, we bring you the online casino games that not only yield insanely huge rewards but are equally gripping and exciting.

  • The Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti originated in the Indian subcontinent and, to this day, remains a popular card game. The Teen Patti game derives its core principles to form the English game called Brag and is often even compared to poker. The rules of the Teen Patti game are simple:

  1. The total card count is 52. More decks may also be added during gameplay.
  2. The Teen Patti game consists of three betting options.
  3. Bet on the hand that will come out on top: yours, the dealer’s or the split. 
  4. Along with this main bet, you can also place side-bets by betting on specific outcomes.

The probability of winning a Teen Patti game is very high, and thus this thrilling game finds its players betting in large numbers. 

  • Spin The Wheel

The classic game of roulette has inspired several games over the years. One such iconic game that has found its footing on online websites is the Spin The Wheel. 

The game is as easy as it sounds – you must simply Spin The Wheel. The wheel may be marked with numbers or symbols segregated by divisions, classifying them into colorful segments where you can place bets. A bet is placed on a number or a symbol or sometimes more than one outcome, and the wheel is spun. A pointer decides the winning bet as soon as the wheel halts.

The outcomes of Spin The Wheel are often favourable; the game is always eye-catching, and that’s what makes it so much fun and worth trying your luck at!

  • The 777 Deluxe Game

The fruit machine slot game we saw kids playing in movies like The Terminator has transcended into a modern society with different identities and names. One such iteration of the game is the modern 777 Deluxe card game.  

  1. Most commonly, the game of 777 Deluxe has a 3×5 grid with ten pay lines.
  2. Successfully landing matching icons on the pay lines wins you a round. The matching symbols can land in three ways – left to right, right to left, or within the three middle reels. 

Many online gaming websites have features that make the gameplay more enjoyable, including intriguing symbols that help you strategize, lucrative bonus rounds, and pleasing animation featuring great music.

We hope our games list will encourage you to try online betting as not just a means of recreation but also a viable way to earn some real money. Also, do not to forget “Stay home & Stay Safe”. At this time, we urge all of you to take all the safety precautions and be home, spend time with your loved ones and also with yourself. Indulge in activities which will keep you entertained and happy.

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