5 Things About The Deep Web That Should Make You More Careful About Online Security

The myths, security scares and news about numerous incidents of fraud and illegal activities on the Deep Web are sure to make anyone think twice about going there. Firstly, it’s imperative to know what the Deep Web really is –  essentially it refers to a section of the internet that is not found in search engine indexes. And there’s a further division of the deep web, a rather darker part of it, which is called the Dark Web. It can only be accessed through designated software or with the knowledge of the protocols that open the access to it. What makes it secure and ananymous is the fact that the user’s identity is cloaked; hence, the anonymity makes it difficult to learn about the identity of the person on the other side of the screen.

Technology opens up many opportunities for businesses; the internet, in particular, has grown significantly. While the internet creates opportunity and facilitates growth, it can also create risks for businesses. Deep Web threats have drastically increased as more and more bad actors take advantage of turbulent times, creating immense pressure on cybersecurity firms worldwide. Experts suggest that Dark Web activity has increased 300% in the last 3 years. There are unsurprsingly an awful lot of myths about the Deep Web, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s not an extremely secure platform altogether. Without further ado, we present you the some not-so-fun facts about the deep web that will make you more careful about your online security:


By the use of the TOR web browser, an anonymous connection is established, which not only connects you to the deep web but also keeps your identity concealed thus protecting you from threats. However, even though the dark web is infamous for all the dark activities that take place there, bear in mind that not every activity happening there is illegal or criminal in its ways. That being said, as compared to the rest of the web, it goes without saying that criminals would always find the place safer and a reliable option for discussion as compared to the rest of the internet.

Since the sites are not indexed, it is next to impossible to establish a link and catch someone committing the crime or indulging in an illegal activity. Tracing on the deep web cannot be done, which makes criminals of all kinds very active on it.

Breeding Ground for Criminal Activity

The virtually untraceable nature of the deep web makes it an ideal place for cybercriminal activity. Many people have even called the Deep Web the black market of the internet. Malicious links and websites can leak or trade your personal information to strangers or hackers around the world, regardless of whether you are on the Deep Web or not.

Marketplace for Ransomware

Most businesses run the risk of not even knowing when cyberattacks are coming.

Thanks to the Dark Web, they’re always under threat of malware infections, targeted hacking attempts and all the other kind of potential threats which dark web has at its disposal. Ransomware is still amongst the top security threats to firms all across the world and can also be easily bought and sold on the Deep Web.

Credit Card Information for Sale

A robust market for primary account numbers (PANs), bank identification numbers (BINs), and card data exists on the Deep Web. It is considered to be an insecure platform; considering this fact it is highly recommended by experts to avoid making any kind of payments using the Deep Web. Retailers and companies that accept credit cards have been highly concerned about it.

Employee Username and Password Data

This is probably not the first time (sadly, also not the last time) you’re reading about how the sensitive information (like username, passwords) of millions of users could be purchased on the Dark Web. Just like way tech services are sold on the usual internet that we access every day, dark web also presents unique services that are exclusively found there. Hackers offer HaaS (Hacking as a service), which allows their customers to easily access databases and other organizational systems or assets—quite obviously, illegally.

How To Keep Your Business Safe?

The internet security software industry has no choice but to cope with the pace at which this malicious side of the web is growing. Keeping up with evolving cybercrimes needs innovative technologies that predict, prevent, detect and remediate the most sophisticated cyber-threats. Even though nothing can guarantee 100% safety against the malice the dark part of the internet has at its disposal, having a shield of security would at least protect a person or company against most of the dangers the Dark Web could pose.

Developing an understanding of the most likely threat scenarios and acting accordingly is of utmost importance too. For every modern person on the internet, it is essential to invest in cybersecurity and protect your online privacy like a pro.

Final Thoughts

The dangers of the Dark Web spare no organisations—whatever their size may be. While there may not be enough hype about cybersecurity, it is something that cannot be undermined by any person or business. Prevention never hurts; one should rather be safe than sorry.

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