Thales and Google scale eSIM across Android Ecosystem

By 2025, there will be over 3.4 billion eSIM-enabled devices (including tablets, laptops, and smartwatches), and 98% of mobile network operators aim to offer eSIM service by that time, according to a GSMA Intelligence report. This market forecast indicates that there is a lot of interest and demand in making the most of eSIM, providing the best user experience as a primary goal. To prepare for this digital era and in close partnership with Google, Thales’ eSIM Discovery solution manages eSIM activation on Android devices, essentially without the need of multiple clicks. 

When eSIM devices are first turned on, they must locate the subscriber’s desired operator and download the appropriate subscription to activate cellular access. Thales eSIM Discovery service makes this remote process as quick and easy as feasible, enabling a one click activation.

Indeed, thanks to this solution when a user initially subscribes to a new mobile network, a message will appear on the user’s mobile device screen telling them that a profile is ready for download. If accepted, the subscription is instantly downloaded. Alternatively, the user can check for a new profile through the mobile device setup wizard or settings menu. For the user, it is as simple as that to get cellular connectivity.

Furthermore, because the solution is cloud-based and designed for growth, Thales can guarantee global availability and scalability to support all Android devices and carriers around the world. To put it in another way, it allows all eSIM profile activations wherever and anytime a device is turned on.

Eva Rudin, EVP Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales, said, “Thales is pleased to work with Google to provide a standardized, simple, and secure way to activate eSIM subscriptions, making life easier for users and Android device makers. Thales’ eSIM Discovery service seeks to help and simplify clients’ eSIM adoption across devices and connectivity providers. Any mobile operator that currently uses our subscription management platform may already integrate to this solution and start offering a one-click eSIM activation experience to all users with an Android device.”

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