Idea mobilizes people to pledge mobile data

Mumbai, India, January 30, 2016: With the simple aim to spread the power of mobile internet amongst people, Brand Idea suggested the concept of sharing internet through its Easy Share campaign. The series of ads in the campaign, which began two months ago, highlighted the simple idea of sharing the internet with those in need and the uninitiated, riding on the broader theme, ‘India Share Karega, India Care Karega.’

Last month, Idea ran a Twitter poll to know the cause for which India would like to share internet, in which majority of people voted for ‘Child Education’. Towards this cause Idea took a unique approach and created a ‘Shareable Website’ – – along with Radio channel Big 92.7 FM. It invited people from 41 cities across the country to pledge data over the course of 92 hours 7 minutes long marathon that began on 26th January 2016. Idea will donate the total quantum of data pledged by people during this marathon to an NGO working for the cause of Child Education.

To get more consumers to pledge data, Idea took a 360 degree approach and amplified the activity across social, digital and electronic medium. Idea also promoted it through on ground activations and conducted various events across the country to create awareness.

The Idea campaign has mobilized people from across the country and as of 77th Hour into the marathon, a total of 4,01,187 MB of mobile data has been pledged through Radio, Social and other Digital platforms, with 51,640 unique visitors on the shareable website. As per the data from Big 92.7 FM, the campaign has garnered a total of 33,000 tweets and 1,67,197 calls, within 4th day of the marathon (data as on Day 4, till 7pm). Each Tweet, Like and Call made during this marathon is equivalent to 1MB of data pledged.

Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer of Idea Cellular said, “Idea has always changed the paradigm of good old concepts with a twist to make them relevant today. We are living the essence of the brand to change people’s lives with our unconventional approach to share internet, through the Idea Easy Share campaign. The Idea ‘India Sharing’ campaign is receiving an overwhelming response from people across radio, digital and social media platforms. I urge you all to visit our shareable website and pledge as much data as you can towards our cause of supporting child education.” News Service

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