CA Technologies Helps Intelecom Enhance Safety and Productivity on Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms

CA-Technologies-logoBangalore, India, September 9, 2014: CA Technologies today announced that Intelecom Group AS, a leading Norwegian telecommunications company with subsidiaries in the UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, is relying on CA Technologies to support the safety and productivity of offshore oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.

Intelecom Group AS is using CA Nimsoft Monitor to proactively monitor telecommunications systems on more than 30 platforms. This includes the 24×7 surveillance of telecommunications systems on behalf of Norway’s largest oil producers. In addition to enhancing safety and productivity, Intelecom is helping to reduce the overhead of its oil and gas customers by using CA Nimsoft Monitor to transfer its monitoring process to a lower-cost, centralised shore-based environment.

Intelecom Group AS has integrated CA Nimsoft Monitor into the company’s Telecom Management System (TMS), a NORSOK T-100 compliant solution that provides Intelecom customers with unified visibility into their offshore telecommunications environment. The single unified management system monitors and manages the telecommunications equipment used in offshore platforms, and ensures fast and easy issue identification and remediation. It also enables Intelecom’s customers to effectively maintain and report on service level agreement (SLA) metrics.

For example, if a problem is detected with the CCTV system or the intercom used by the offshore team on the platforms in the North Sea, CA Nimsoft Monitor immediately logs the issue and presents an alarm to the remote operation centre for resolution. This early detection prevents potential oil and gas production downtime, and minimises offshore work and time to repair.

“CA Technologies unified monitoring solution plays a vital role in the security and service levels of our customers’ oil and gas platforms,” explains Karl Johan Krane, Key Account Manager, Oil/Gas and Shipping, Intelecom. “By quickly detecting the root cause of telecommunications problems and linking these to remote operation centres, CA Nimsoft Monitor is helping our team ensure that our customers deliver 24×7 production of oil and gas—at a reduced cost.”

By placing CA Nimsoft Monitor at the heart of its TMS system, Intelecom is also helping its oil and gas customers to lower the cost of surveillance. Previously, the monitoring would have been performed onboard the oil and gas platforms. With CA Nimsoft Monitor, Intelecom has been able to centralise this surveillance in a remote operation centre.

“With the rising complexity of today’s infrastructure environments, IT operations teams cannot continue to rely on a siloed approach that is based upon complex, non-integrated and point IT monitoring tools,” says Geir Christensen, country manager, CA Technologies Norway. “By taking a unified monitoring approach similar to Intelecom, organisations can gain better visibility into their infrastructure, improve staff productivity and reduce costs all while improving the experience of their customers.” 

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