WNS Analytics Wizard 2019 Draws Over 6400 Global Professionals

WNS announced that over 6400 aspiring analytics professionals participated in the second edition of the company’s annual analytics hackathon –‘WNS Analytics Wizard 2019.’ The unique nine-day challenge that was conducted online attracted around 11,000 submissions from over 45 countries.

“The overwhelming response to the analytics hackathon for the second year in a row is quite heartening. As companies look to fuel growth and navigate market shifts leveraging analytical solutions, the demand for skilled analytical professionals is on track for exponential growth. The hackathon is one of the many initiatives launched by WNS to build awareness around how analytical tools and frameworks can be leveraged to solve business challenges,” said Keshav R. Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS.

“We continue to drive impactful outcomes for our clients by leveraging our analytics-first approach underpinned by WNS’ deep domain expertise. Our comprehensive suite of analytical offerings is enabling businesses to profitably monetize data. The hackathon is a perfect platform to expose young analytical minds to the challenges that businesses are solving through analytics globally,” said Akhilesh Ayer, Head, Research and Analytics, WNS.

WNS offers a full suite of analytics offerings from ‘infrastructure-to-insights,’ spanning the value chain for multiple industries. Our offerings are created on the back of advanced analytics in combination with artificial intelligence, machine learning and domain expertise. These capabilities are backed by a robust center of excellence approach, big data practice, outcome-based engagement models and next-gen products and frameworks.  Over 2,700 data scientists, researchers and domain experts cater to analytics engagements with 90+ global businesses across 10 industry domains and 16+ delivery centers.

List of Winners below

Sl No Participant Name Country
1 Pyankov Roman Vadimovich Russia
2 Arefev Sergei Russia
3 Aakash Kerawat India
4 Akshay Sanjay Karangale India

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