Who said what on the Safer Internet Day

Mr. Bhavin Turakhia, Founder and CEO, Flock said, “With the rapid development of new technologies such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), analytics etc., there has been a simultaneous increase in the complexity and sophistication of cyber-threats. Owing to the rise in IT security breaches, there is a need for organisations and individuals to be alert about how their data is collected, used, shared and the steps that need to be taken to better manage confidential information. In such a situation, businesses need to constantly evaluate the platforms and apps they leverage for business purposes, from a data security perspective. One approach is to opt for workplace collaboration and communication platforms that have in-built enterprise security features such as data encryption, privacy of messages and personal data, as well as strict controls over data access and user rights. This Safer Internet Day, organisations need to also invest in the training of their IT teams and employees with the knowledge and skill-sets required to tackle today’s advanced cyber-threats.”

Mr. Nikhil Arora, Vice President and Managing Director, GoDaddy India, said, “While rapid growth of internet adoption and digital technologies has given wings to people to grow their ideas online like never before, there is a greater risk of getting critical business resources and customer information compromised. It has now become crucial for emerging entrepreneurs and business owners, to safeguard their customers’ information, as well as their own, from external threats. At GoDaddy, we have built our infrastructure to help our customers protect their digital identities, by offering SSL and code signing certificates, malware scanners, 2-step verification secure sign-in, website backup, among other online security protection services. Today, on the occasion of Safer Internet Day, we want to encourage Indian entrepreneurs and small businesses to adopt necessary online security measures to continue maintaining their customers’ trust and create a safer online experience.”

Mr. Neelesh Kripalani, Sr. VP and Head – Center of Excellence (CoE), Clover Infotech said, “We live in a hyper connected digital society. Each one of us use digital channels to interact, connect and socialize. Although introduction of Data Protection Bill is a great step towards building safe and secure digital ecosystem, it is equally important for enterprises to promote safer and more responsible use of digital technologies. Ensuring cyber safety cannot be an isolated effort, it’s a collective responsibility of government, corporates and citizens.”

Mr. Mark Loman, director of engineering for threat mitigation technology at Sophos said, “The creators of ransomware have a pretty good grasp of how security software works and adapt their attacks accordingly. Everything is designed to avoid detection while the malware encrypts as many documents as possible as quickly as possible and makes it hard, if not impossible, to recover the data. In some cases, the main body of the attack takes place at night when the IT team is at home asleep. By the time the victim spots what’s going on, it is too late. It is vital to have robust security controls, monitoring and response in place covering all endpoints, networks and systems, and to install software updates whenever they are issued.”

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