WaveCharge Announces Shared Space Wireless Charging Technology

WaveCharge, a line of indigenously developed tabletop portable power banks has come up with charging solution working in access economy space. The product provides shared charging solutions to the end user through wireless tabletop/portable device. When used in sync with the WaveCharge App, customers can use the devices available at public collection points/associated partner brand outlets to wirelessly charge their mobile phones irrespective of the kind of charging portal.

Technical Specifications
This versatile hardware is specifically tailored to integrate seamlessly with safety and reliability achieving BIS compliance. With its small footprint, the WaveCharge enables users to power up their phones conveniently supporting all charging ports- Micro USB, Type C and Lightning. The hardware incorporates a battery capacity of 15,000 mAh with a Safe and Standard Output of 2.1A.  The product provides with the continuous charging time of 6 hours and a battery stand-by time of 3-4 months. It renders the users a quick and powerful charge on-the-go.

A revolution in the making

While the underlying technology has been the focus of extensive research for the past decade, WaveCharge is one of the first technologies powered by BLE and IoT technologies for mass consumption at affordable prices in India. The founders are confident that the product will spearhead a wireless and integrated technology revolution across verticals in the public domain and improve the overall standard of living.

WaveCharge has already made its services available to over 900,000 restaurant goers across an affiliate network of more than 105 properties in the NCR F&B space. Currently, WaveCharge provides table-top charging solutions for restaurants. The company plans to expand its footprint to other Tier 1 cities aggressively and introduce robust and sophisticated portable charging solutions to the Indian markets in the near future.

WaveCharge devices are modeled to fulfill the needs of consumers on the go, successfully combining the elements of portability, utility and accessibility. The product has created a niche service segment which focuses on curating consumer solutions complementing existing behavioural patterns.

Emergence of Shared Utilities Space
With WaveCharge, the product creators are also trying to mainstream the concept of a peer-to-peer or shared economy, wherein the resources are temporarily accessed by community members; challenging the prevalent business model of purchasing individual services. Not only does this system avoid underutilization of assets, but it also reduces the overall cost of consumption and improves the availability of resources.

“We are excited to introduce WaveCharge as a charging solution to the users who are often troubled by the battery issues faced on day-to-basis”, says Arpit Agarwal, director of marketing, WaveCharge.

According to Prashant Chandak, director of technology, “WaveCharge is an indigenously developed tabletop power bank to cater the needs of users. It uses an amalgam of state-of-the-art Bluetooth Low Energy and IoT technology.”

Adds Rishabh Maheshwari, director of operations: “”This innovative unit has been specifically tailored to the needs of users, allowing them to power up their mobile phones on the basis of shared economy with the ease of one compact power source.”

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