Vantage Circle Integrates with MS Teams to improve employee productivity

In order to boost collaboration and engagement levels in teams, Vantage Circle integrates with Microsoft Teams aiming to improve employee productivity, especially when remote working has become the new normal.

As teams form the backbone of any organization, daily operations will come to a halt without them. It is the employee job satisfaction that drives their dedication towards their undivided efforts which leads to organizational success.

Considering the modern workplace is undergoing a profound shift due to the ongoing pandemic, numerous challenges have also emerged as a result of it. Hence, by digitizing and automating rewards and recognition programs, companies appreciate their workers on a timely basis and keep them motivated for their passion to work.

To credit the employees, the Vantage Circle application integrating Microsoft Teams enables seamless digital rewards and recognition for corporate clients. An integration as such positively impacts an organization by enhancing the appreciation efforts and prominently elevating engagement levels.

Companies must appreciate talent because it drives engagement, and it is significant during this unrest of COVID-19. Modern employees want fast and instant recognition. Thus, Microsoft Teams integration looks like the need of the hour.

By choosing the deep integration feature, clients can avail many benefits from Vantage Circle. Some of them are, timely appreciation of employees, nominating employees for good jobs and earn redeemable vantage reward points, maintain a fair and equal rewards and recognition process, keep track of employees’ progress and the number of awards achieved, clients using the integrated Microsoft Teams can access it through the website and mobile application.

Good use of technology makes employee recognition within teams an easy and timely process. And Microsoft Teams integration makes peer recognition a seamless affair.

Anjan Pathak, CTO and Co-Founder of Vantage Circle, said, “We are delighted to have integrated with Microsoft Teams as the prime function of Microsoft Teams is to ease the recognition process while keeping the staff engaged and confident. Vantage Circle, with deep integration aims to serve the best digital rewards and recognition platform with a user-friendly experience for enhanced employee engagement.”

Vantage Circle has successfully served many clients across countries by providing them the best employee benefits to choose from. Microsoft Teams integration is a step ahead of the other existing solutions.

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