Syska launches Power Vault 200 Power Bank

Syska Accessories announced the launch of the Syska Power Vault 200 Power Bank. The Power Bank will be launched on Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce marketplace, on 16th March at an introductory price of Rs.
1299/-. The Syska Power Vault 200 is a multifunctional power bank that comes in White and Black colors, and is equipped with a large Grade A+ 20000 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery.

Syska and Flipkart have established a strong partnership as Syska Group sells its mobile accessories and personal care products through the e-commerce platform. This partnership will help Syska further build its online presence as lithium polymer power banks are likely to be the next generation of power banks, helping the category continue its strong growth online.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, Syska Group said, “We are pleased to partner with Flipkart for the launch and sale of our flagship product, the ‘Syska Power Vault 200 Power Bank’. We
at Syska conduct in-depth research of the market before launching any new product and also have a well-equipped advanced research & development lab for innovation and quality controls. Every product that comes from Syska
Labs is stringently tested for quality and reliability. Also, the power bank market is on a growth trajectory owing to factors such as increasing usage of electronic devices and technological advancements.”

Rakesh Krishnan, Director of Electronic Accessories at Flipkart, added, “Our aim at Flipkart is to provide our customers with the latest electronics that perfectly suit their needs. Syska’s new Power Vault 200 power bank is
perfect for tech-savvy shoppers looking for compact, portable, and fast power banks. We are happy to continue our partnership with Syska, leading electronics brand in the country, and we are looking forward to further serving our customers together.”

Syska Power Vault 200 Power Bank Features: 

*         High Density Polymer Cell – Syska Power Vault 200 Power Bank is made of Grade A+ 20000mAh high-density Lithium Polymer battery to provide long lasting support to the charging needs.

*         Unique Current Shunt – The product has a unique current shunting system that enables the connected devices charge in stages. The built-in intelligent circuit control can shunt the current when the power bank is self-charging and outputting power at the same time. This helps while charging more than one device at the same time, ensuring that all the devices are charged uniformly and at a faster speed.

*         Overcharging and Discharge Protection – The built-in overcharging and discharge protection system ensures that there is no drain or stress on the Power Vault 200’s batteries. This ensures that the power bank efficiently uses the power stored with in it, and maximizes its usage per charge.

*         Intelligent Multi-Protection Circuits – An intelligent circuit system in the Power Vault 200 protects it when charging, and also when the charge is being discharged to other devices.

*         Prolonged Battery Life – Syska Power Vault 200 gives you up to 500 times of charge/discharge cycles.  By the modulation of pulse width, the power bank can reduce the energy consumption of recharging to prolong the
battery life.

*         Battery Level Indicator – The digital display provided on the Power Vault 200 helps you know the precise charge levels of the power bank, displayed in percentage points. With this, one will know well in advance as
to when the power bank needs to be re-charged.

*         Multiple Connectors & Multi-Device Compatibility – Power Vault 200 comes with multiple connectors like 2 Standard USBs, One Micro USB for input and one USB type C port for input as well as for output. The product is
compatible with a wide range of devices including Laptops, Digital Cameras, Gaming Consoles, iPods, Mp3/Mp4 players, Tablets, PDAs, Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Android or iPhones.

*         6 Months Warranty – Power Vault 200 comes with a 6 months warranty
against any manufacturing defects. The warranty will be effective from the
date of purchase of the product.

Syska Group is a leading FMEG Group offering a wide range of products and
solutions such as LED lights, mobile accessories, personal care appliances,
wires and cables and smart home products that are light years ahead of their
time. The company consistently introduces new and innovative technology led
products to meet the ever evolving needs of consumers.

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