Security Use Cases and Solutions for WFH Report

The ‘Security Use Cases and Solutions’ report developed by DSCI, is a testimony to the growth of Indian start-ups focused on securing work from home environment.

The report attempts to cover a list of innovative technologies and security solutions for WFH which may emerge in the coming times and can be deployed immediately or in the near future.

The purpose of the compilation is to create visibility of the innovation and efforts made in this area, increase the awareness about the ideas & solutions to solve the problems of the new paradigm, enhance the market potential, explore opportunities for the investment and engage with govt. start-up initiatives targeted at the COVID-19 pandemic. and can provide insights to various stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Key Facts from the Report:

  • DSCI conducted a survey to scout for technologies to secure work from home environment. This would be an interesting time for the Indian start-up ecosystem. The startups can leverage advanced security technologies to help develop the ideal work from home security framework.
  • The report will bring out the understanding of the work from home security idea/solution of start-ups along with their stage of development.
  • The report covers details of each company in terms of their growth, investment, location, products, methodology and deployment.
  • The start-ups are in different stages of their product/technology. Some are existing in the market, while others are in ideation stage, validation stage, or a prototype stage. Most of these start-ups are in their growth phase and some are generating revenue. From the investment point of view, most of these start-ups are bootstrapped, followed by seed/angel investment, series A, series B and beyond.
  • There are 5 categories of technology covered in the report. Below is the list of categories and #companies showcased in each of those categories.
  • Securing Remote Access– 10 companies listed in this area.
  • Data Security–8 companies listed in this area.
  • Identity, Access, & Authentication–12 companies listed in this area.
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management– 11 companies listed in this area.
  • Email Security, Anti Phishing, Cryptography, Self-healing– 10 companies listed in this area.
  • Most of the use cases covered in the report by the start-upsare as follows –
  • Securing the BOYD connections
  • Security in multi cloud environment
  • Cloud access provisioning
  • Monitoring
  • Data Security
  • Access Control
  • Identity Management access provisioning
  • Secure network access provisioning

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