Samsung Galaxy S10 Ready for Launch

The latest smartphone handset off the production line of Samsung, the Galaxy S10, has finally gone on sale.

Originally slated for a March release date, a couple of delays owing to technical tweaks and distribution problems saw the rollout pushed back to April, and now customers in South Korea are the first to be able to get their hands on the product.

Further release schedules will now follow in India, the UK and the rest of the world, so soon smartphone users across the globe will be able to purchase the new flagship handset from the brand.

Samsung Galaxy S10

‘Samsung Galaxy S10’ – Karlis Dambrans via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

But the question on everybody’s lips remains, has the hype been justified?

Get Connected

This is a tenth-anniversary edition of the original Galaxy handset, which was something of a game-changer in its own right back in the day, and so Samsung had to pull out all of the stops to continue pushing the model forward in an increasingly innovative space.

One of the key battlegrounds for smartphone manufacturers these days is the camera, and this is one area where the Galaxy S10 really excels.

The handset boasts a rear-facing triple lens camera, with options for photography in ‘normal’ conditions, as well as low light, telephoto and ultra-wide views as well. It’s a suite of options that ensure you can capture the moment in the best possible way.

The hallmark of an impressive smartphone release is that it contains features that get overlooked in the promo. Take Wireless PowerShare, for example. It’s not been shouted from the rooftops by Samsung, but what a clever idea this is: enabling users to Qi charge other phones and gadgets using the phone’s power store. It’s a fantastic addition.

The quality of the touchpad has also been improved too, with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor pad moved from the back of the phone to the front for more responsive touch handling.

Gaming 2.0

One of the key features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the 6.1-inch Infinity Display, which offers crystal clear visuals thanks, in part, to the bright Super AMOLED design and brings plenty of ‘edge to edge’ size into the bargain, courtesy of the Infinity-O screen.

This ensures your photos and videos look great, but even more impressively adds a whole new dimension to your gaming.

Whether you are playing the hottest RPG, the latest edition of FIFA or your favourite online casino games, the high-quality visuals will enhance your gaming to a degree rarely seen on even the latest generation of handsets. Indeed, if you load up a live casino game you will be amazed at how clear and precise the visuals and audio of the live dealer are.

Other new additions, such as faster Wi-Fi 6 connection and HDR10+, only further improve the gaming experience.

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is an interesting one as it marks ten years of this industry-leading range of handsets, and it’s good to see the brand aren’t just resting on their laurels with a ‘re-badged’ release.

This is a handset that adds to the already-cemented legacy of the Galaxy and proves that the series has plenty left to offer.

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