Ozonetel Introduces Single Widget within Zendesk to Manage Regular Calls and WhatsApp Chats

Ozonetel, India’s leading provider of on-demand cloud communication/telephony solutions, announced the introduction of a single widget within Zendesk to manage both regular calls and WhatsApp chats without toggling between both the platforms.

Zendesk’s leading customer support platform is widely adopted by small, medium and large businesses across 160 countries. WhatsApp has emerged as the go-to messaging application for over 1.5 billion customers globally. Businesses are rapidly adopting the platform to easily scale up their direct customer communications. Ozonetel’s KOOKOO CloudAgent integrates both WhatsApp and Zendesk seamlessly, allowing businesses to leverage these powerful tools for a superior customer experience. Ozonetel’s single widget allows agents to seamlessly switch between WhatsApp chats and calls within Zendesk— while viewing all relevant customer information simultaneously. 

Other key features of this integration:

Configure In Three Easy Steps

  • Organisations will first have to get a WhatsApp Business API number
  • The API number has to be configuredin KOOKOO CloudAgent
  • The company will now be able to start chatting with its customers within Zendesk
Call/Chat Routing: Calls and WhatsApp chat usually route to agents based on the call/chat queues. WhatsApp chats can be now be routed based on skill, priority,
time or fallback rules to manage queues better.
Automatic Call Distribution: “Idle agent first” logic evenly distributes workloads amongst the workforce.Within each skill sets this feature will be able to assign the call to first available agent. Automatic Call Logging: Calls get auto-logged into Zendesk, even if they are from a new customer, after office hours. Therefore, a call is never missed. 

Through this integration, Ozonetel’s contact center solution will now offer multiple tools to help call center or contact center managers to manage, monitor and track customer interactionsbetter, providing a truly Omni channel experience for customer. 

Commenting on the integration, Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Innovation Officer, Ozonetel, said, “For a seamless experience at the customer’s end, one needsto have a seamless processat the agent’s end as well. Ozonetelhasintegrated existing calling platforms with WhatsApp chat to provide greater experience at both ends. Ozonetel has taken this initiative to build a truly omni channel experience.”

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