ONCAM improves design and functionality of special stainless steel camera

Oncam, the leading provider of 360-degree video capture and business intelligence technology, announced the release of its new and improved Evolution 05 and 12 Stainless Steel Camera line with design enhancements that further position the device as the ideal solution for surveillance needs  in the most demanding environments.

Oncam’s Evolution Stainless Steel cameras provide resilient protection in areas where resistance to the elements and compliance to stringent regulations are paramount. The updated Stainless Steel camera design includes:

  • Enhanced aesthetics. The camera enclosure is more compact and aesthetically pleasing, making it an elegant solution for applications that feature high-end architecture.
  • High-level certifications. In addition to the camera’s NSF Certification and IP69K rating, the new design adds more certifications that demonstrate its effectiveness in harsh atmospheres:
    • NEMA 4X and 6P: for enhanced compliance in the North American market.
    • IP68: Certifies protection against submersion.
    • IK10+: Certifies enhanced protection against impact/vandalism.
  • Extended Accessories range. Comprehensive range of stainless steel accessories and mounting options.
  • Tamper-proof security. The front cover of the camera can only be opened using a bespoke tool, providing increased safety and protection.

The Stainless Steel Camera is a core part of Oncam’s Specialist Camera line, which includes the Evolution ExD Cameras certified for explosive environments. This suite of specialist cameras are designed for markets that experience extreme conditions and require durable surveillance equipment to avoid inefficiency or damage.

“The enhanced Stainless Steel Camera line incorporates various improvements that when combined, deliver a powerful and dependable safety device for environments that need durability the most,” said Jon Marsh, VP Product, Oncam. “Our customers require surveillance technology that is set apart from standard video security solutions, and the upgrades we’ve made create a robust feature set that is designed specifically for a number of critical applications.”

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