Nutanix Helps Ready Gujarat’s Businesses for a Multi-cloud Future

Nutanix announced early successes in Gujarat, as businesses in the state move aggressively to digitalise their infrastructure. Gujarat is one of India’s most industrialised states and home to some of the country’s largest companies. It is also rapidly digitalising as the local government implements key programmes such as Digital India and Digital Village to strengthen the economy.

The state is building a world class infrastructure and business friendly environment which includes a stable uninterrupted power supply and roll out of the Gujarat Fibre Grid. The Grid has already laid approximately 18,000 kilometres of optical fibre-based network in the past year. In addition, Gujarat is introducing centralised and streamlined regulatory processes, accelerated grant approvals, clearances, and permissions to deliver on its business-friendly promise. Nutanix is witnessing great traction with the Government of Gujarat as well as Public Sector Undertakings in the State, which are at the forefront of tech adoption in India. The company is also successfully leveraging its Partner Network to expand into newer cities such as Baroda, Surat and Rajkot, besides Ahmedabad.
Against this backdrop, Nutanix worked with a number of important enterprise customers across various verticals to upgrade their infrastructure and help them adopt business transformation best practices and modern technologies.

Three leading enterprises from the manufacturing and financial services sectors, Best Value Chem, Goldmine Stocks and Kunvarji Group, worked with Nutanix to redesign their IT infrastructure and help them redeploy resources (technology and personnel) to where they were most needed and most productive – innovation and business growth.

Early results from the transformations are positive, ranging from faster rollout of complex operations and applications to reduced operating costs of up to 45%, in the case of the Kunvarji Group. With IT maintenance requirements and resource allocation also shrinking, the companies have registered a marked improvement in the productivity and efficiency of their IT departments – permitting  staff and resources to be redeployed to front line services.

Commenting on the Nutanix success, Ritesh Gupta, Regional Director, Nutanix India, said, “Gujarat is taking bold steps to place the state at the heart of India’s digital future and Nutanix is committed to helping further modernise its businesses to take full advantage of the opportunities.”

“Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and AHV have empowered us to scale almost instantly to support our fast-growing business. We see immediate improvement in our application performance and IT efficiency in terms of provisioning, patching and upgrade of IT resources,” said Keyur Thakkar, IT Head, Best Value Chem Pvt Ltd

Anubhav Mehta, Head of IT, Goldmine Stocks Pvt Ltd said, “Nutanix helped reduce the physical footprint of our hardware by almost 70 percent – with all the time, effort and savings that came along with it. The Nutanix single-click upgrade has given us back our weekends.”

“We were looking for a setup, flexible enough to adapt to changes and enhancements, but avoid the limitations of a public cloud. Nutanix technology mitigates all of the challenges and fulfils the requirements with best cost benefit analysis,” Nayan Thakkar, Managing Director, Kunvarji Group

The Nutanix success in Gujarat is part of the company’s nationwide expansion efforts and its commitment to invest more in India. The newly commissioned India headquarters and expansion of engineering and support operations, and the openings of additional sales offices in different regions are further evidence of the company’s commitment to India.

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