Incorta and Birlasoft announce Partnership to Optimize Data-to-Insights Value Chain

Incorta, the Direct Data Platform, and Birlasoft announced their partnership to help organizations transform voluminous data into actionable insights with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Birlasoft, one of the largest service providers in the ERP space is developing applications on Incorta’s cloud-agnostic platform to make customers’ ERP systems smarter, more scalable, and faster by analyzing data in real-time from across the entire organization.

Today, ERP users need embedded analytics capabilities to gain intelligent, timely insights from organization-wide data. They also need to keep up with demand for rich insights because legacy BI and reporting systems lack flexibility, integration and customization capabilities. Hence, Birlasoft has partnered with Incorta, the most unified and innovative data and analytics platform. The goal is to help customers make smarter decisions with intelligent ERP systems.

“Digital transformation is about digitizing and modernizing core business processes and harnessing data to drive efficiency and innovation,” said Ajit Singh Chawla, SVP and Global Head, Digital Business at Birlasoft. “With Birlasoft’s experience in ERP, Data & Analytics, and AI, combined with Incorta’s cloud-agnostic platform, business intelligence projects are now faster and simpler to execute, and they produce information that is easier to act on than ever before.”

Birlasoft customers will be able to tackle challenges related to siloed data sources and limited insights by using Incorta, which can connect all their data sources at lightning speed. Insights are quickly available.

“Our partnership with Birlasoft is another step towards our goal of reducing the limitations of legacy analytics approaches by providing a truly unified approach,” said Osama Elkady , CEO at Incorta. “We are thrilled to be bringing together the leading ERP services provider and the most unified and innovative data and analytics platform to help thousands of customers worldwide derive stronger, faster and more valuable business insights across industries.”

Customers across industries can optimize their ERP platform with increased flexibility and customization capabilities, or consolidate output from multiple ERP systems, helping them extract intelligent and timely insights from data across the organization. Overall, the value for customers lies in the ability to build scalable and mature business intelligence to meet demand.

Together with the world’s greatest technology platforms and systems integrators such as Birlasoft, Incorta solutions are transforming the approach to modern analytics and delivering unrivaled speeds and unparalleled outcomes. Birlasoft and Incorta’s partnership is focused on establishing new business models to unlock inspiring analytics for business leaders and business users alike.

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