HAProxy eBook Explains How to Leverage its Load Balancer as an API Gateway

HAProxy Technologies announced the publication of a new eBook: HAProxy as an API Gateway. HAProxy Technologies is evangelizing the HAProxy load balancer in a new way to show how developers can leverage it as an API gateway.

Nick Ramirez, Technical Product Marketing Manager at HAProxy Technologies, said, “Today, we’re seeing an API-driven landscape in which developers are using APIs to connect disparate systems and create software faster. The HAProxy load balancer, when used as an API gateway, can be the best tool that developers have for securing, load balancing, and observing their APIs. We hope that this eBook opens their eyes to new ways of streamlining their infrastructure to meet the needs of their users.”

An API gateway is simply a reverse proxy or load balancer that sits between client applications and the API services that they call. An API gateway decouples client-side applications—whether they be web applications, mobile apps, IoT devices, or desktop applications—from the API services that feed them data. Client applications no longer need to connect to API servers directly, which would complicate both the client and server by tying one to the other. Instead, an API gateway mediates their communication.

The new HAProxy eBook explains how organizations can best utilize HAProxy as an API gateway and simplify their infrastructure with chapters on Health Checks, Metrics, Caching, Authentication, Monetization, and Security.

HAProxy, the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer, fills the role as an API gateway extremely well. In addition to routing API calls to the proper backend servers, it also handles load balancing, security, rate limiting, caching, monitoring, and other cross-cutting concerns. By placing all of your APIs behind an HAProxy load balancer, you can offload those requirements.

DownloadHAProxy as an API Gateway: Consolidate Your APIs Behind the World’s Fastest Software Load Balancer

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