Govt extends work from home rules for IT, ITes companies till 31st December

In view of the ongoing concern due to COVID-19 outbreak, the Dept. of Telecom (DoT) has further extended the relaxations in the terms and conditions for other service providers up to 31st December 2020 to facilitate work from home. In March, the DoT relaxed certain norms for OSPs till April 30th to facilitate work from home, which was further extended till July 31st.  It is estimated that, nearly 85 percent of the IT workforce is working from home and only those performing critical functions are going to offices.

Mr. CSN Murthy, Chief Executive Officer, Ozonetel, said, “In the spirit of the avowed objectives of the NDCP 2018 and keeping in view the current pandemic situation and with great business sensitivity,  DoT has been very prompt and proactive in announcing these exemptions since mid-march.  This enables call centers with an OSP license to continue routing calls to Work-from-Home agents via VOIP, which in turn is critical for business continuity. We welcome these timely measures and share the relief it has brought for many of our customers.  May the regulation evolve in the light of this newfound and time tested (for the last 3 months) confidence basis which the same gets extended for the next 6 months. We strongly suggest that these be made permanent as Work From Home of associates has not posed any threats for the last 3 months and is a proven method now.”

Ozonetel can assist any IT and IT- enabled service companies (not only its existing customers) to set up a Work From Home model instantly.

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