Agora Launches Agora App Builder For Highly Customized Video Chat and Live Streaming Apps

Agora launched Agora App Builder to empower both developers and creators with absolutely no coding experience to break out of one-size-fits-all video conferencing solutions and start building custom apps tailored to their specific use case and brand. Powered by Agora’s highly scalable and reliable Software-Defined Real-Time Network, Agora App Builder will be free to leverage for all innovators and companies that are looking to stand out from the crowd to connect with audiences, engage with customers, and drive business outcomes.

Sid Sharma, Senior Director of Developer Relations and Partner Engineering at Agora, said, “Everyone is now familiar with communicating, sharing, and collaborating over video chat and live streaming. However the same old generic apps only go so far. Some creators and companies want to offer more unique, branded and use-case specific apps to their fans, customers, and partners without spending a ton of money on development or sacrificing features and streaming quality. That’s exactly why we built Agora App Builder.”

As a company created by and for developers, the launch of Agora App Builder furthers Agora’s mission to make APIs accessible for anyone. Features of Agora App Builder include:

  • Superior customization and go-to-market speed: No-code customization and go-live for non-technical creators and fully downloadable source code for developers seeking complete customization power.
  • All the conferencing features you’ve come to expect and more: Beautiful User Interface (UI), multi-screen sharing, dial-in support, host controls, cloud recording, call analytics, and more.
  • Quality, scalability, and reliability: Ultra-low latency (60% lower than top competitors), 250+ global points of presence for rapid network routing, and 99.99% availability.

Shauna Dover, CEO and founder of, said, “My Condolences is a self-serve, memorial service platform using social media, crowdfunding, and livestreaming to help family and friends gather virtually after the loss of a loved one. Agora App Builder was perfect for us– it was easy to build the video app in just a matter of minutes, the user interface is simple, and the video quality is unmatched. With Agora, is helping families ‘be there…without being there’ with an experience that is fit-for-purpose.”

“Using Agora App Builder, we were able to easily spin up an integration with our conversational intelligence APIs to showcase different use cases to our customers,” said Surbhi Rathore, CEO of, a Techstars-backed conversational intelligence-as-a-service solution. “It was easy to customize with our unique branding and scaled right out of the box, with absolutely no coding required.”

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