Kovai.co acquires Cerebrata- Enterprise software for Azure Developers

Kovai.co – an enterprise software and B2B SaaS product company based out of Coimbatore, India and London, UK, today announced its acquisition of Cerebrata, a privately-held SaaS product company based out of Udaipur, Rajasthan, for an undisclosed financial deal.

Cerebrata’s product – Cerulean to be a complementary product for Kovai.co’s Serverless360 – a platform that helps to manage and monitor Azure Serverless components. Cerebrata, specializing in developing productivity tools to manage Microsoft Azure resources, is Kovai.co’s first acquisition to accelerate growth in providing the world’s leading application to manage and monitor Microsoft BizTalk and Azure Serverless environments.

With the M&A, “Serverless360 is designed to help teams manage their production systems deployed in Microsoft Azure efficiently, whereas ‘Cerulean’ is intended to help individual developers/IT pros to manage their Microsoft Azure deployments

“Due to the complementary nature of both the products, Kovai.co sees a huge potential for cross-selling opportunities between the customer base. We are expecting an additional 15-20% top-line revenue growth for Kovai.co through Cerebrata acquisition,” said Saravana Kumar, Founder & CEO of Kovai.co, during this 100% cash deal announcement.

He further iterated the fact that “Cerebrata’s Cerulean is a low barrier entry product into an organization. This further opens an opportunity to showcase the value of Serverless360 for larger teams and cross-sell.”

The Coimbatore-based company believes this M&A will bring them a few steps closer to meeting their vision of making Coimbatore – the next prime location in India for SaaS services.  Kovai.co, with nearly 1200 enterprise customers globally, gets 250+ new clientele and potential expansions across key markets. Currently, major companies like BBC, BUPA, ATS, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Columbia Sportswear Company etc., use Kovai.co’s products to manage and monitor their Azure environments.

“Both Kovai and Cerebrata are obsessed about customer success and happiness; that this deal is expected to bring. “Since both the products are complementary rather than competing, thereby helping different personas (developers/IT pro vs. Team/Support), existing clients of both the products will get benefitted,” said Gaurav Mantri, Founder & Head of Technology, Cerebrata Software.

Cerebrata will augment Kovai.co’s product offerings and expertise in Microsoft Azure monitoring and management capabilities – improving operational efficiency, platform adoption, and competitive advantage. Serverless360 allows customers to group their Microsoft Azure Resources and assets into logical solutions in a single portal, which helps enterprises to support its business applications and processes better.  It is one of the central elements in the enterprise adoption of Serverless solutions.

Kovai.co has acquired all the assets, IP, and team; however, the Cerebrata brand will remain independent for some time due to its historical brand value.

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