WD announced that its HGST Active Archive System has been certified with the FXT 5000 Series Edge Filer family from Avere

New Delhi, India, February 03, 2016: Western Digital Corporation (WD), today announced that its HGST Active Archive System has been certified with the FXT 5000 Series Edge Filer family from Avere, a leading provider of cloud file storage infrastructure. The combined strength of the HGST Active Archive System and Avere 5000 FXT Edge Filer provides maximum flexibility to enable enterprises to leverage the scalability and economics of cloud architectures, while preserving investments in file storage and applications. The solution allows users to deploy on-premises and remote cloud-scale file storage as well as hybrid cloud-bursting models. The HGST Active Archive System provides exabyte scalability with 15-nines of data durability, while the Avere 5000 FXT Series Edge Filers provide effortless storage tiering between high performance NAS and the HGST Active Archive System. The cloud-bursting solution uses intelligent file system caching to shepherd only active data to cloud-based compute platforms, while still delivering the performance of local compute and storage.

“The public cloud has delivered tremendous cost savings to enterprises looking for a utility based model for compute, however this model has not worked for customers with very large data sets or customers who do not trust their data in the public cloud,” said Barbara Murphy, vice president of marketing, Cloud Infrastructure Business Unit, HGST, a Western Digital Corporation brand.  “In working with Avere, Western Digital Corporation is building a superior ecosystem and delivering a highly flexible, easy-to-scale storage system that rivals cloud storage.”

The solution gives enterprises ultimate flexibility, easily integrating with existing systems using NFS, SMB, and S3-compliant access protocols. Western Digital Corporation and Avere channel partners serving the media and entertainment, finance, life sciences, and high-performance computing (HPC) markets can now provide an object storage solution delivering cloud-scale economics to targeted rich metadata applications.

“Avere is at the forefront of large enterprise NAS deployments. The HGST Active Archive System with Avere Edge Filers maximize cloud-storage benefits without compromising application performance,” said Rebecca Thompson, vice president marketing, Avere Systems. “Together, Avere and Western Digital Corporation, offer customers a path to quickly scale-out storage, targeting existing applications, while future proofing both on-premises and public cloud deployments.”

“Neuralytix sees this strategic relationship as providing an essential solution to organizations looking to re-imagine their data centers. Support for massive data growth and better extraction of application-specific knowledge will provide more precision storage capabilities to vertical market segments,” said Ben Woo, managing director, Neuralytix. “Resellers, as recognized experts to a compute and storage IT base, will benefit by being able to deliver an optimized, scalable, and easy to manage storage solution to meet customer data SLAs and cost demands.”


The HGST Active Archive System and Avere 5000 FXT NAS Gateway are each available immediately through HGST and Avere channel partners.

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