Teradata launches Full-Throttle Performance

Prague and San Diego, April 8, 2014: Teradata, the analytic data platforms, marketing applications and services company, has launched its enterprise-class Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 6750 platform (Teradata Active EDW). The Teradata Active EDW meets the largest, most demanding real-time workloads, with thousands of applications and the ability for virtually unlimited concurrent users to run queries against as much as 61 petabytes of data.

President of Teradata Labs Scott Gnau said, “Teradata Active EDW automatically bundles memory, solid state drive (SSD)-based flash memory, and traditional disk storage so that our users get memory speed combined with depth of analysis. This creates a one-two punch, which knock outs the competition.”

The Teradata Active EDW 6750 provides organizations with real and immediate benefits:

Accelerate Real-Time Questions – A single Teradata Active EDW cabinet can now accommodate eight times more main memory than the previous generation of two years ago. As a result, operational, business-critical, and real-time queries can be vastly accelerated with the increase of main memory space. Depending on workload, users can now ask almost up to five times as many business questions in the same timeframe. Teradata Intelligent Memory software enables the most frequently-used data to reside in memory, thus boosting performance with the advantage of enhanced memory space.

Consistent Query Performance – Teradata has added three times more flash memory in SSD than previous generations, enabling business to make consistently fast decisions from even more data. Teradata delivers consistent performance for operational and strategic queries that leverage flash memory. The effective use of the additional flash memory is ensured by the Teradata Virtual Storage software, which places the more frequently used data in flash memory.

Overall Superior Performance – Achieving a 40 percent increase in data warehouse processing performance, the Teradata Active EDW platform supports a big boost in business query rates. This is enabled by the balanced combination of the dual, powerful 12 Core Intel Xeon 2600 V2 processors and the performance-efficient NetApp E5500 data storage system. Key to effectively applying all this performance to user work is the Teradata Active System Management software that is now enhanced by the newest SUSE Linux operating system.

Unmatched Efficiency – Teradata has set the green, sustainability standard in data warehousing, with up to four times the improvement in energy and space utilization for the same performance system compared to systems from just three years ago.

Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse is a key element of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture, which brings together Teradata, Teradata Aster, and Hadoop technology as well as best-of-breed partner tools. Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse functions as the integration point and powerful engine that operationalizes analytics with the findings of the discovery and data platforms. The Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platform delivers real-time intelligence, placing vital data into the hands of the front-line decision makers, while extending the traditional data warehouse functionality to tactical decision making.

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