DigitalOcean Introduces Spaces Object Storage in Bangalore

DigitalOcean, the cloud for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and startups, announced the launch of DigitalOcean Spaces in its Bangalore data center. With this latest offering, DigitalOcean strengthens its commitment to meeting the growing object storage needs of global small businesses and empowering them with highly performant and scalable data storage solutions.

Spaces Object Storage is ideal for a wide range of applications, including data analytics workflows, AI model training, log file storage, and video streaming.

Key benefits of DigitalOcean Spaces:

  • Excellent performance for read and write operations, with a remarkable rate of 800 requests per second (RPS)
  • S3 Compatibility, enabling users to leverage a large existing ecosystem of tools, utilities, plugins, extensions, and libraries to easily manage object storage.
  • Built-in content delivery network with 45+ PoP locations, reducing web page load times, improving bandwidth, and infrastructure costs
  • Secure transfers with automatically HTTPS-encrypted data

Spaces Object Storage may also help small-to-medium-sized businesses with regulatory compliance. Many laws and regulations govern how data is collected, shared, and stored. An essential aspect of some of these regulations is that they often prohibit storing certain data outside national boundaries. For instance, consider an application accessed by customers living in Cleveland, Ohio, and Toronto, Canada. In this situation, it might be necessary to host the application in two data center locations—Canada and The United States, even if the Toronto data center is closer to both locations. Using data centers in different geographies may be an important part of a company’s overall regulatory compliance strategy.

Kirthi Devleker, Senior Product Marketing Manager at DigitalOcean, said, “At DigitalOcean, we are committed to addressing the growing storage needs of businesses. We are constantly working on our storage offerings to address the ever-increasing needs of our customers. To further that commitment, we are happy to announce the availability of Spaces Object Storage in our Bangalore, India, data center.”

Spaces pricing starts at just $5 per month, including 250 GB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth. Additional storage is available at a competitive rate of 2 cents per GB. Transparent and industry-leading bandwidth pricing allows businesses to estimate monthly costs accurately.

The DigitalOcean Spaces announcement comes off the heels of the company announcing its acquisition of Paperspace, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure as a service for highly scalable applications leveraging graphics processing units (GPUs). The acquisition and integration of Paperspace’s advanced technology into the DigitalOcean platform will extend DigitalOcean’s offerings, enabling customers to more easily test, develop and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) applications, augment and enhance existing AI/ML applications and utilize GPUs in ways that have predominantly been the domain of large enterprises.

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