Dell Simplifies Big Data and Analytics Processes for New Hadoop Users

Bangalore, India, October 6, 2015: Dell has announced a new solution for Hadoop, co-designed with Cloudera and Syncsort and powered by Intel, that streamlines the planning, design, construction and deployment process of transforming data into a ready state for analysis, then loading it for business reporting or for querying; a process known as ETL (extract, transform and load). Many customers want to adopt big data and analytics technologies to gain operational efficiency, yet Hadoop expertise may be difficult to find, creating an industry-wide skills gap. This inhibits businesses from performing these tasks without major disruption to their IT staff and environment, including paying costly consulting fees or dedicating extensive time and resources to training. To address this problem, the Dell | Cloudera | Syncsort Data Warehouse Optimization – ETL Offload Reference Architecture helps achieve faster insights in an intuitive way without needing to learn new skillsets, hire additional resources, or retool IT environments.

Traditional tools such as relational database management systems (RDBMS) and enterprise data warehouses (EDW), are not meeting the requirements of today’s business needs due to high costs, low performance and a lack of scalability. As customers’ needs continue to evolve, they are moving past general architectures in search of vendors who can provide use case driven, end-to-end solutions that fit their business needs now and into the future.

However, according to Gartner, through 2018, 70 percent of Hadoop deployments are predicted to fail to meet cost savings and revenue generation objectives due to skills and integration challenges. With that in mind, the Dell| Cloudera | Syncsort Data Warehouse Optimization – ETL Offload Reference Architecture is designed, tested and validated for customers looking for a cost-effective, faster, more efficient solution for ETL workloads. The reference architecture integrates Syncsort’s DMX-h technology to enable use of more intuitive tools to develop and deploy Hadoop ETL jobs without having to learn new code, which enables significantly faster time to value.

To put this to the test, Dell had an entry-level technician and an expert-level senior engineer run the same workload on four Dell PowerEdge R730xd servers and two Dell PowerEdge R730 servers, powered by Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 product family, in a Hadoop cluster. The results were clear: an entry-level technician created ETL jobs with the Dell | Cloudera | Syncsort solution 60 percent faster than an expert level senior engineer running the same scenario with do-it-yourself, open-source ETL solutions. Additionally, the entry-level technician was able to streamline ETL design by 53 percent, giving businesses the equivalent of four days back.

The Dell| Cloudera | Syncsort Data Warehouse Optimization – ETL Offload Reference Architecture also offers:

Greater cost savings: Customers can save up to 76 percent on ETL administrative costs when compared to a do-it-yourself approach with open-source solutions. Additionally, by offloading the data transformation to Hadoop, customers can reduce transformation costs and reclaim data warehouse capability.

Faster time-to-value: New Hadoop users can more quickly develop and deploy Hadoop ETL jobs, reducing the time it takes to design an ETL job for performing data validation by 55 percent.

Quicker access to data insights: The Dell | Cloudera | Syncsort solution powered by Intel reduces the time spent on design by 53 percent, and enables 60 percent faster ETL jobs overall when compared to a do-it-yourself open-source solution.

Customizable solutions: The reference architecture is easy and intuitive to integrate and deploy, allowing customers to spend more time on strategic forward-looking projects, and less on IT setup and management tasks.

By teaming with Cloudera and Syncsort, Dell is continuing to invest in big data and analytics solution development as customers’ needs evolve.  This solution marks the 15th reference architecture that has been certified and validated since 2011, demonstrating Dell’s commitment to delivering top of the line solutions for customers’ changing needs.

Murli Mohan, Director & General Manager of Dell Software Group, said, “Current business needs have changed drastically today. With customer and business requirements changing at a phenomenal pace, companies are looking at deriving most relevant insights at minimum cost and time. In order to address the challenge, Dell along with Cloudera and Syncsort has designed some of the most advanced big data and analytics solution which is much faster, easier and cost effective to implement. The primary objective behind designing the solution is to help companies capitalize on the benefits of ETL offload.”

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