Dell End-to-End Solution Helps RSMS Architects Reduce Operating Cost

Dell-India-logoBangalore, India, February 9, 2015: Dell has announced that it has successfully deployed end-to-end IT solution for RSMS Architects that gives personnel tools to enhance architectural creativity and uninterrupted protection of project data with fast backup platform. The deployment helped RSMS to reduce operating costs and drive business success with continuous data protection.

RSMS Architects was looking to enhance support for architects while guarding the company against costly IT downtime with data protection and high-performance client machines. After exploring numerous vendors, RSMS Architects chose Dell to be their computing provider, selecting Dell Precision T3600 and T1650 workstations and Dell OptiPlex 3020 desktops across its office alongside installing Dell AppAssure on a Dell PowerEdge R720 server with Intel Xeon processors and a Dell PowerVault NX400 network attached storage array for continuous protection of all their physical and virtual data.

“IT footprint is smaller, saving power and cooling costs with our energy-efficient client solution. Plus, our IT administrator saves at least 10 hours a week on backing up data thanks to AppAssure. That is time that he can spend on planning and preparing the infrastructure for growth.” said Rohit Jain, Founding Partner of RSMS Architects. 

“Dell AppAssure is an ideal solution for data protection as it unifies back-up, replication and recovery in one, easy-to-use software solution. With AppAssure, we are assertive of the fact that in case of any data loss, you can get back to your business as usual in just minutes. Enterprises, today are faced with exponential data growth, and therefore the need to keep the data safe at all times has become extremely imperative. With this kind of holistic approach, we give them the power to do more.” said Murli Mohan, Director & General Manager, Dell Software Group. 

Today, RSMS Architects has continuous protection for more than 4 terabytes of physical and virtual data. With the help of Dell’s end-to-end solution, the company has been able to reduce time to bring ideas to life with high-performance workstations along with regaining 10 hours a week for strategic IT and instant data retrieval for message, file and server.


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