Tata Communications aims to interconnect businesses to the cloud using Office 365

London, September 30, 2015: Tata Communications has announced it has teamed up with Microsoft Corp. to connect businesses to Office 365, enabling them to boost employee productivity and streamline business processes with cloud-based communication and collaboration.

Tata Communications’ IZO Private – a game-changing platform designed to maximize network performance in the cloud – will connect businesses via Azure Express Route for Office 365, overcoming common reliability and security concerns associated with the public Internet. The combination allows enterprises to bypass the public Internet and provide employees with access to Office 365 using their WAN, ensuring exceptional network and application performance, and enhanced end-user experience. The service is quick to provision, and ensures the security and integrity of data.


“Organizations around the world are harnessing the power of the cloud to empower their people to work as effectively and collaboratively as possible,” says Ross Ortega, Principal Product Manager, Networking, Microsoft Azure. “By offering Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365 through its IZO Private platform, Tata Communications is providing customers the enhanced security and reliability that come with a private connection, ultimately taking cloud-based communication and collaboration to the next level.”

The IZO Private cloud enablement service is part of Tata Communications’ IZO, a global network platform for enhanced hybrid cloud enablement. IZO is the most comprehensive enterprise WAN and cloud enablement platform available today that is uniquely engineered for predictable routing, together with enterprise private and public cloud connectivity and interconnected data centres – making it simple for a business to connect and build its cloud, their way – be it private, public or hybrid.

Julie Woods-Moss, CMO and CEO of NextGen Business at Tata Communications, says, “Connecting businesses via ExpressRoute to Office 365 represents another milestone for our IZO cloud enablement platform. We’re excited to be working with Microsoft to build a global ecosystem that harnesses our extensive global network, and we’re committed to enabling more global businesses to drive their digital transformation through the cloud.”

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