Splunk Accelerates Organizations into the Data Age with Cloud Innovation at .conf20

Splunk announced the latest enhancements to Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise that will bring data to every decision, question and action across IT, Security and Observability. These new innovations enable customers to accelerate their Cloud transformation with a single, modern data platform. Splunk Enterprise 8.1 is now generally available, with turbocharged productivity, enhanced insights and streamlined administration.

Sendur Sellakumar, Chief Product Officer, Splunk, said, “The move to the cloud and digital technology has accelerated in the Data Age, and organizations are adapting to new work environments. Cloud solutions are needed for these organizations to scale and adapt. Splunk’s solutions enable the speed, scale and flexibility with new search and mobile capabilities that help organizations through their cloud transformation and lets them not just succeed but thrive in the Data Age.”

Utilizing a multi-cloud strategy, Nasdaq is transforming the way it delivers products and services for its clients worldwide​. Nasdaq’s Chief Technology & Information Officer, Brad Peterson joined Sendur Sellakumar for a virtual interview at .conf20 to discuss Nasdaq’s cloud transformation.

“Data is at the core of what we do at Nasdaq. We need to process high-volumes of data quickly and securely, which we can accomplish as a result of our cloud transformation,” said Brad Peterson, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Nasdaq. “Splunk is a strategic partner in our cloud journey providing Nasdaq with data insights that help us deliver innovative solutions to our customers.”

Splunk expands multicloud capabilities; further strengthens core platform with new ways for customers to set the right data strategy and increase data accessibility

Splunk is making the shift to cloud easier with investments in cloud-native technology and solutions. With Splunk Cloud’s accelerated release schedule, customers can achieve faster time to value with immediate access to the latest features without any impact to service delivery. Splunk makes data onboarding faster and more reliable with new capabilities on the stream, and is also providing more flexibility of choice to customers as they move their workloads to the cloud, the Splunk Operator for Kubernetes, now in Beta, lets customers easily deploy and manage Splunk Enterprise in a Kubernetes infrastructure.

At the annual user-conference, .conf20, Splunk introduced the Splunk Machine Learning Environment (SMLE), a new solution for advanced analytics, data science, and machine learning, along with updates to Splunk’s foundational technologies. Splunk enables IT, security and observability customers to interact with their data and leverage insights on the go across customer managed and Cloud environments. These updates include:

  •  Splunk Machine Learning Environment (SMLE) is a new, dedicated solution that makes it easier to build and operationalize machine learning models and algorithms and helps get value from data at scale in Splunk. SMLE simplifies the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle and provides faster time to production with rapid deployment, centralized model management, and automated monitoring at scale. As the volume of data continues to increase, SMLE brings that data into one platform to view insights at optimal speed. SMLE beta is available for customers today.
  • The latest version of Splunk Data Stream Processor (DSP) supports customers’ multicloud strategies with its ability to access, process, and route data from and to multiple cloud services, such as Google Cloud Platform and Azure Event Hub. Additionally, Splunk DSP 1.2 enriches event data with lookups and ML functionality, minimizing compute load and making downstream searches more accurate and efficient, unlocking additional value for IT, observability and security teams. Splunk DSP will also be available for the cloud later this year.
  •  Splunk Connected Experiences updates help customers get their data insights on-the-go, and improve workforce productivity from anywhere. Splunk Augmented Reality introduces the new remote collaboration feature that allows users in two different places to collaborate and interact in an environment through a shared experience. Splunk TV now allows users to centrally control multiple TVs without having to be connected to the same network, and Splunk TV is now available on both Android TV and Fire TV in addition to the App Store on Apple TV.  Splunk Virtual Reality is also now generally available, and the 3D experience enables customers to find data they need by visually comparing data at scale and simplifying trend analysis.

Splunk helps customers through cloud journey with Splunk Cloud on Google Cloud

Additionally, Splunk is expanding data access and helping customers succeed in a cloud-first world by strengthening its strategic partnership with Google Cloud. The partnership enables faster innovation with on-demand scaling and flexibility in choosing how to consume cloud-native Splunk Cloud services. Splunk Cloud on Google Cloud is now generally available after concluding a strong limited availability release, offering customers end-to-end visibility across Google Cloud, multicloud and hybrid environments.

“Data with Context (information) is arguably the most strategic asset that The Auto Club Group depends on to best provide safety, security and peace of mind to millions of AAA members,” said Gopal Padinjaruveetil, chief information security officer at The Auto Club Group. “With the powerful combination of Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform and Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure, we are strengthening our visibility across our cloud, multicloud and hybrid environments to best protect our members.  Splunk Cloud on Google Cloud helps us drive significant enterprise agility and business value with data-informed decision making as a core competency for our organization.”

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