Dyn brings Internet Intelligence solution to strengthen foothold in India

New Delhi, India, October 27, 2015: Dyn, a player in Internet Performance today announced availability of Internet Intelligence in India. A SaaS-based product, Internet Intelligence provides companies with a new and unique view of the Internet by looking at performance between a company’s customers and its Internet assets.

Led by its strategy to strengthen its foothold in India, Dyn’s Internet Intelligence is best suited for all companies that count on the internet which often grapples with issues related to poor bandwidth infrastructure and shifting customer loyalties.

Through a consolidated single view across all Internet assets, Internet Intelligence allows companies to accurately manage and deploy to their cloud providers, identify issues in real-time while performing root cause analysis of problems and effects and create plans for how to improve and expand their Internet infrastructure – all of which benefit the end-user experience.

Martin Ryan, Vice President & Managing Director APAC, Dyn, Said, “As the online entities continue to witness exponential growth, companies count on internet are investing heavily in offering a differentiation to customers and earn their loyalty. The surge of e-commerce players is also on the rise. The race on the online platform to survive and sustain gets tougher each day as online businesses need to survive cut throat competition, overcome downtime and outages and keep up and running.”

“It is predicted that e-commerce companies in India are expecting to account for 40% of their annual sales during this current festive season. While much of this shopping is expected to take place on mobile devices, a survey conducted by Dyn, in early 2015 revealed that 42% of consumers in India still prefer the in-store shopping experience and the same percentage of people will wait only for 4 seconds before switching to a competitor’s site while shopping online. Hence it is essential for e-tailers to think beyond offering only the right product mix and pricing to also think about offering a seamless ‘availability’ and security strategy to enhance their online presence and experience” added Martin.

Internet Intelligence is a vendor-agnostic SaaS offering that shows a company’s full global cloud provider, Content Delivery Network (CDN) and data centers on one dashboard, allowing IT executives to see how real-time availability, reachability, and performance issues impact their own customers. By alerting issues directly in the dashboard or via email, companies of all sizes and IT sophistication can quickly isolate and fix small issues before they become costly problems.

“Internet Intelligence in India is going to give all companies counting on internet great insight into the performance of how the Internet connects the site to its customers, as well as its partners and will allow online entities to take actionable measures in real-time,” said Martin.

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