Pivotal Big Data Suite gets Real Time Boost with In-Memory Upgrade

Pivotal-LogoNew Delhi,  India, October 20, 2014: Pivotal, the company at the intersection of big data, PaaS, and agile development, today announced the release of major capabilities in Pivotal GemFire 8. Pivotal’s Big Data Suite includes this new release of Pivotal GemFire, a distributed in-memory data management solution for enterprises creating high-scale custom applications. This advances Pivotal’s mission to make it easy for modern software developers to integrate data to create new classes of enterprise applications.

In today’s business environment, companies are investing in strategic custom applications that provide competitive differentiation and new revenue opportunities. These applications must deliver performance, scale and global reach while always being “on.” Application developers and IT architects often deal with many terabytes of operational data at global levels of scale in order to meet the highest service level requirements and deliver these business critical applications. They are hampered, however, by out-of-date caching technologies, memory grids, and legacy databases.

The Pivotal Big Data Suite provides high performance, extreme scale-out concurrency and consistency for data across globally distributed nodes and clusters. The unique horizontal scale-out architecture of Pivotal GemFire 8 avoids the scaling limitations of traditional database and scales out across many nodes and clusters. The technology provides low latency response for thousands of concurrent read and write operations on many terabytes of data in-memory.

With the release of the new Pivotal Big Data Suite and Pivotal GemFire 8, applications can now operate with more scale and resilience than ever before. It features: 

  • In-memory compression: Speed-optimized in-memory compression, allowing individual nodes to manage up to 50% more data per node than before.
  • Resilient automation and rolling upgrades: Automatic node reconnection and data restoration, and a new ability to serially update software on nodes in a cluster that remains live, eliminating a need for planned downtime for upgrades.
  • A new restful API: Developers can enhance the performance and resilience of a wider range of high-scale applications such as those developed in Ruby, Scala, or Node.js computer languages. 

The Pivotal Big Data Suite is available today to current and new customers. Priced aggressively, the subscription is based on the number of cores on two and three year terms and requires a cumulative contract minimum.

Hugh Williams, Senior Vice President of R&D, Pivotal, said, “The release of Pivotal GemFire 8 is a significant advance in the Pivotal Big Data Suite’s ability to process and transact high velocity data at significant scale. Higher data capacity, more resilience, and the new REST API will help our customers build even more innovative data-driven applications that are strategic for their businesses.”

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