Yahoo Announces Updates to Mobile Developer Suite to Empower Developers to Grow their Business

New Delhi, India, February 19, 2016: Yahoo has announced updates to the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite that developers will use to analyze their data, in an effort to grow their apps and build their businesses. The announcement was made at Yahoo’s 3rd Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco where executives unveiled key advancements to the Mobile Developer Suite and shared insights on the evolving mobile landscape.

Featured speakers included Yahoo Chief Executive Officer, Marissa Mayer, and Yahoo SVP of Publishing Products, Simon Khalaf. Several partners and clients took the stage to help share updates to the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite.

To open the conference, Khalaf delivered a keynote on the evolving mobile app landscape based on an analysis of data from Flurry Analytics. Flurry Analytics now supports over 250,000 developers, reaching more than 800,000 apps across more than 2 billion devices with 10 billion sessions every day. The morning also included Yahoo’s first-ever insights report on native advertising, delivered by Yanni Dosios, VP of Yahoo Platform and Exchange. The studies yielded powerful insights:

  • Last year was another groundbreaking period of the mobile revolution. Overall app usage grew by 58%. That said, we’re now experiencing the seven-year-itch of the mobile revolution. Hardware hasn’t iterated or changed in several years, so the next wave of innovation is poised to be driven by software.
  • In just one year, Yahoo’s native ad business has grown from zero to a one trillion ad-request run rate. Leveraging that footprint, Yahoo is able to extrapolate what type of native ads perform best, where developers should place these ads, and what advertiser segments see the highest performance rates in specific app categories

Key updates to the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite include:

  • The All New Flurry: The new, redesigned Flurry provides a faster and more intuitive way to analyze data. Current customers can opt-in and gradually transition to the new platform over the next couple months.
  • The Flurry App: The Flurry app takes all the functionality of the newly redesigned Flurry dashboard to be accessed, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. The app is free and available now oniOS and Android.
  • tvOS Analytics Support: As tvOS captures more and more consumer time, developers can now leverage Flurry’s leading analytics to analyze, advertise, monetize and enhance their tvOS apps.
  • Direct Ad Serving: The new Flurry dashboard now allows developers to tackle ad inventory and build stronger relationships with their advertisers by directly managing the trafficking, targeting and tracking of ad campaigns.

“Everything we do at Yahoo is grounded on data and analytics,” said Simon Khalaf SVP of Publisher Products. “Today, we’re excited to share our proprietary insights and research State-of-the-industry reports for mobile and native advertising, and updates to the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite to empower developers to grow their apps and businesses.” News Service

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