VXL Software’s “Secured FusionDesktop” to help organizations pivot easily to Homeworking

VXL software is a technological Indian MNC who’s created their presence not only in India but, also across the globe. Due to the great pandemic that the world is facing at the very present, has led to big problems for the organizations to run efficiently. At present the employee’s work locations are migrating from the traditional office, to people’s homes in order that users may work in isolated and safe environments. The question is whether to buy new computers for home working or let them use their personal ones as is- the former is expensive, while the latter is unpredictable.

VXL Software offers 6-month licenses to help organizations pivot easily to homeworking 

VXL Software has announced that it can help organizations, via a new 6-month license which enables organizations to adapt rapidly, helping them to get through this unprecedented upheaval.

The rapid and unexpected shift to homeworking has been a challenge for many organizations. Although employees can work from home, often it’s by using unmanaged home computers – creating all kinds of security issues.

This enables the organizations to work in a very effective and efficient manner. It might keep the working more secured and motivated especially for the people working from home.

VXL Software’s “Fusion SecureDesktop” – Convert Home PC or Laptop to a Secure Corporate Endpoint.

Using one of VXL Software’s two homeworking solutions – one for virtualized Windows environments and one for virtualized Linux environments – organizations can instantly convert a home PC into a totally secure corporate endpoint. The user can access corporate data and applications, but that access is securely ringfenced.

Fusion SecureDesktop is an add-on module that works with Fusion UEM, highly featured enterprise management software that allows IT staff to manage and monitor endpoints powered by Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. Fusion SecureDesktop is very easy to install, just like any Windows application and is equally easily set up to connect, activate and configure with Fusion UEM.

It’s easy to operate and most efficiently one time installation. Once installed, it provides the user with a desktop icon that launches a secured desktop environment within which the user is limited to access the applications and connections permitted by the IT department. Applications include connectors such as Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizon View and Microsoft RDS client, as well as custom applications like VPN or browser – all limited to the launch conditions pre-defined by the administrator. This level of control provides the company’s management with peace of mind, knowing that the user cannot run any unauthorized applications that may pose a potential risk.

It’s very simple to understand and can be efficiently used at large scale of operations and also be utilized by Employees working from home. There are mainly three reasons that make it most secured and efficient in using it in the midst of Covid-19 crisis, they are given below

  • Secure and Stable: SecureDesktop is designed to be installed on Windows and provide a secure environment for access to corporate VDI systems, which make it easy & Effective to understand its usage.
  • Highly Flexible: Configurable easily by the IT department to connect to almost any server framework: Citrix, VMware and Microsoft, as well as custom applications.
  • Managed using Fusion UEM: SecureDesktop is a modular add-on that is provided with an enterprise device license for Fusion UEM management and configuration.

Aditya Bhuwania, VP at VXL Software, says that, “Simplicity is key. Our Fusion SecureDesktop Windows solution runs as an application, while our CloudDesktop On the Go Linux solution boots from a USB drive. In either case, the host device is totally untouched – and for the duration of the session, people work as they would normally via a secure, managed connection. When they quit, they are returned to their home PC. There’s no data crossover.”

Like many organizations, VXL Software has shifted to homeworking. “We’re pleased to say that VXL Software is operating almost as normal,” concludes Noon. “We’re helping customers via telephone, video calls and e-mail. Likewise, product support is fully operational.

VXL Software has been working and planning for the betterment of the corporate employees not only in India but, across the globe. It’s a great pleasure to come up with the technologies that enhance a human’s working lifestyle even though the odds aren’t into favor.

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