Qlik Sense Platform APIs Ignite New Open Source Community

Qlik-LogoNew Delhi, India, January 27, 2015: Qlik, a leader in data discovery, today announced an extended commitment to the developer and open source communities with the launch of  Qlik Branch.  Designed as a collaborative workspace and open exchange, Qlik Branch provides anyone – customers, fans, developers, and partners – simplified access to the open and powerful APIs of Qlik Sense and QlikView for better and easier integration with home-grown and third-party web technologies and applications.

In Gigaom Research’s recent report by David Card, “Ranking the disruption potential of industry forces”, open source and general creative commons is listed as one of the top ranked potential highly disruptive forces.  The report goes on to say, “No doubt ‘platform’ itself is another overused concept, but the new ingredient for the proven recipe of APIs, cloud-based services, ecosystems, and network effects is market adjacency — the idea that a platform with its roots in one market sector can migrate to another.” 

Qlik Branch is disrupting the Business Intelligence industry norms and  fostering collaboration and innovation by providing open access to how enterprises interact with and extend Qlik Sense to create web sites, visualizations, applications, and more.  Because all projects are shared under open souce licensing, not only can users create and post solutions, but they can also find solutions and download extensions with complete source code for free.  Solutions posted on Qlik Branch will not require official Qlik support as is provided in certifications on Qlik Market.  The Qlik Developer Relations team will be on hand to support the sharing and exchange of ideas.

Qlik Branch is live with over 2000 registered users and 100 projects in its debut at branch.qlik.com, featuring extensions, mash-ups, web applications, and more.  Examples include: 

  • SenseIt: Extension to Google Chrome that allows anyone to generate a Qlik Sense app on the fly from web site data.
  • d3vI: Contains 30 d3 visualizations in one extension and leverages another visualization the creator discovered on Qlik Branch.
  • Chord Chart: Collaborative effort between two developers to create a chart that is not currently in Qlik Sense.

Speros Kokenes, Solutions Architect at Qlik Partner Axis Group comments, ”The open APIs in Qlik Sense are opening up a whole new world for developers with common Web development skills that are not proprietary or require product –specific development training. User interfaces and charts are not limited to product constraints but instead are open to our imagination on how to best support customers’ specialized needs.” 

“We are not precious about what the best visualization is to solve a problem.  Just like our corporate culture, we believe true disruptive innovation is best fostered through openness and exchange,” said Anthony Deighton, Qlik CTO.  “Qlik Sense has given us an opportunity to totally rethink the developer experience.  We want to give developers everywhere the ability to explore the potential of Qlik Sense to create and share offerings that provide an added dimension to the user experience.  With Qlik Branch, we create a game-changing platform for developers to accelerate innovation to bring the best ideas to market.”

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