MapR Technologies rolls out free sandbox for Hadoop

MapR-LogoNew Delhi, India, March 12, 2014: MapR Technologies, the top-ranked distribution for Apache Hadoop, recently announced availability of the MapRSandbox for Hadoop, a virtualized environment containing MapR’s leading distribution for Apache Hadoop. The MapRSandbox enables users to begin exploring and experimenting with Hadoop in less than five minutes by providing a complete and fully-configured virtual machine installation of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop along with several point-and-click tutorials for developers, analysts and administrators.

MapR Sandbox includes the ability to drag-and-drop files from any source into the MapR Sandbox and facilitates:

  • Training-  through access to the MapRSandbox’s extensive training modules, developers and administrators can quickly get up to speed on Hadoop.
  • Development- by enabling developers to build applications in a simple, light weight virtual machine (VM) that can run on any laptop or desktop environment, MapR saves time and development resources.
  • Testing- with the ability to run quick tests to validate functionality and configurations before deploying on a production cluster, MapR provides productivity advantages and supports portable applications that move to production environments with no code changes.

Shankar Murukutla, sales director for ASEAN/India, MapR Technologies, said, “In the Indian context, training for Hadoop users in handling big data is a challenge since the data analytics market is still in a nascent stage. With the release of MapRSandbox, developers, administrators and analysts can start exploring and experimenting with Hadoop in less than five minutes in a complete and fully-configured virtual machine installation.”

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