ManageEngine Unveils Self-Service Password Management for Windows 10

Chennai, India, November 19, 2015: ManageEngine has announced that ADSelfService Plus, its self-service password management solution, now supports Windows 10. Available immediately, the latest version of ADSelfService Plus allows password self-service right from the logon screen of Windows 10. As a result, users can easily reset their domain passwords and unlock their accounts from their own machines, reducing the number of password-related help desk tickets and improving employee productivity.

As Windows 10 makes its way onto users’ desktops, Microsoft’s latest OS presents a familiar challenge to organizations that use Web-based, self-service password management applications. Specifically, when Windows 10 users forget their passwords or their accounts are locked, the users cannot access their machines’ Web browser and, in turn, cannot access the self-service password solution from their machines. Instead, they must use a co-worker’s machine or a kiosk with a Web browser to access the password self-service solution, reducing productivity. Other users forgo self-service and contact the IT help desk for assistance, both reducing productivity and raising help desk ticket counts.

Parthiban Paramasivam, Product Manager at ManageEngine, said, “We have been getting a lot of requests from our customers to provide self-service password management for Windows 10. Although ADSelfService Plus is Web-based and can be easily accessed using a browser, it employs a password self-service logon agent that empowers end users to deal with password-related issues on their own. Now, they can get back to work immediately, without relying on their co-workers or the help desk.”

Highlights of Password Self-Service for Windows 10

ADSelfService Plus now comes bundled with a logon agent that installs on Windows 10 machines to let users access the self-service portal right from the logon screen of their machines. Highlights of the latest version include:

  • Empowers users to securely reset their passwords and unlock their accounts without help desk intervention or assistance from other users
  • Employs multi-factor authentication to verify users’ identities before they are allowed to reset their passwords
  • Uses a multi-platform password synchronizer that securely synchronizes the password across multiple on-premise systems and SaaS-based applications, in real time
  • Notifies users via SMS and email about any password changes
  • Enables easy customization of all elements of ADSelfService Plus, including the button text and icon of the logon agent

Pricing and Availability

ADSelfService Plus with Windows 10 support is available immediately. Pricing starts at $595 per year for 500 users.

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