Infor Announces Demand+ to Help Accelerate Supply Chain Forecasting

New Delhi, India, September 15, 2015: Infor has announced Infor Demand+, a new application designed to help simplify and accelerate supply chain forecasting processes. Infor’s next-generation demand planning application leverages a modern intuitive planning experience combined with the latest Infor technology. Infor Demand+ is designed to help provide a more comprehensive picture of future demand by bringing manufacturers and distributors unique, sophisticated forecasting methods, which are combined with social collaboration and more efficient workflows.

Infor Demand+ is a module of Infor’s Integrated Business Planning solution, which delivers a rich technology framework providing interaction with Infor ION, a purpose-built middleware and Infor Ming.le, the social collaboration engine. Infor Demand+ includes an embedded Business Intelligence engine for supply chain analytics, as well as cloud, common planning structures, calendars, scenarios, and master data management.

The application serves as Infor’s next-generation demand planning solution and draws from a strong pedigree of established legacy supply chain solutions.  It also offers unique improvements, including pre-configured industry templates, enhanced functionality in demand analytics and weekly forecasting, as well as the use of the latest Infor technology including the user experience and the expectation of future software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

  • Consumer-Grade User Experience- Infor Demand+ has decision-supporting analytics at the core of every planning sheet. Supply chain planners can help increase overall productivity with a more intuitive user experience design that supports prompt decision-making. Infor Demand+ offers analytics at its core and can help make it easier to process insights and execute strategic planning initiatives.
  • Advanced Forecasting & Improved Accuracy- Infor Demand+ employs unique, probabilistic forecasting methods designed to help deliver more accurate forecasts. The solution is designed to help provide improved demand plan with the goal of minimal planning intervention, help optimize inventory policies using improved methods and help determine ABC classifications using flexible rules. It provides enhanced functionality for Demand Analytics and weekly forecasting.
  • Pre-Configured Best Practice Template- The product is equipped with rich, pre-configured templates to help support a faster, less costly implementation process. These templates can help users create more accurate plans faster, help monitor the effectiveness of the plans and help optimize operating goals to help meet demand.
  • Wide-Reaching Business Collaboration Capabilities- Infor Demand+ is integrated with Infor Ming.le, which allows multiple users to collaborate with external and internal stakeholders in the supply chain. This can help provide a competitive advantage by creating more direct lines of communication to help further improve forecast accuracy and relevance.
  • Performance Dashboards- Infor Demand+ features industry standard key performance indicators (KPIs) such as MAPE, bias, and absolute error, and can  provide planners a single point of plan assessment to  help them gain a better understanding of aspects of performance and take corrective actions where needed.

“Staying on top of current supply and demand is a never ending cycle with manufacturers and distributors. Infor designed Infor Demand+ to help our customers better forecast their future needs,” said John Bermudez, Vice President, Product Management, Infor. “In-depth performance dashboards can be configured to fit different employees, departments and organizations.”

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