AnyDesk releases Version 6

AnyDesk Software GmbH releases AnyDesk 6, the latest version of the fastest and most affordable Remote Desktop Software on the market. A series of new features now enable central IT management and provide even greater security. These new features as well as the upgrades to some existing features now make teamwork and collaboration much easier. With this update, AnyDesk is driving the constant improvement of its Remote Access Solution. As always, user feedback was incorporated into the development of this new version.

Central IT Management with Group Policies and Multiple Passwords for Unattended Access

The Windows Group Policy support now enables the central administration of AnyDesk workstations on different devices. Administrators will be able to define and share settings for groups of workstations. Adjustments are then automatically applied to all devices within the network. This means that secondary passwords can now also be assigned for Unattended Access. This new feature links a password to certain permissions – such as permission to synchronize the clipboard or use file transfer. The individual authorization profiles can be limited in time and be adjusted by an administrator at any time.

Greater Security through Two-Factor Authentication

Remote access to devices is now even more secure with Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Authentication is available as an extension to password protection and is set up using a QR code and a 2FA app such as Google Authenticator. Once the new feature is activated, a code is requested for every session request, which the smartphone automatically generates. This time-based, one-time password ensures that only authorized users receive Unattended Access. Another new security feature is that all sessions will now support Perfect Forward Secrecy. This increases security when transferring data via AnyDesk.

Wake-on-LAN, and Android Address Book features promote remote teamwork 

AnyDesk version 6 provides new features that support decentralized teamwork.

Access to a work PC from home is simplified, with the new Wake-on-LAN feature. Wake-on-Lan makes it possible to send a session request to an AnyDesk workstation while in sleep mode, and to wake it up with the help of a “magic packet”. With Version 6, the Address Book is also now available on Android devices. This enables the use of address book contacts on the go.

Version 6 also has expanded options for Flexible Session Recordings: a session recording can now be started and stopped at any time during the session with a simple click. Jumps to specific points in a recording are also now possible. Sessions can also be recorded spontaneously or only in parts, and longer recordings can be conveniently searched – ideal for workshops, meetings and training sessions that take place virtually.

“With the new features and upgrades in version 6 we are meeting the requirements of our users. They rely on the fact that collaboration also runs smoothly while working remotely at home. Remote Desktop Software is in demand like never before, accelerating us to reach the milestone of 200 million downloads. We’d like to thank our users for their trust and look forward to supporting them even more with the new version,” said Philipp Weiser, founder and managing director of AnyDesk Software GmbH.

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