Zebpay Releases New Set of Powerful Features for Pro Bitcoiners

Zebpay has announced a new set of app features exclusively for pro bitcoiners. Already available on Google Play, the app’s new features allows users to set their own bitcoin price (bid / ask), keep Rs balance in app to buy bitcoin instantly and check transaction status using transaction id.

Delivering on the promise to provide users with easiest way to buy / sell bitcoins, today’s release adds on features needed for fast and error-free transactions. These features are available to all existing and new users who download the latest version and add significantly to Zebpay’s prominent features.

Betting in games with bitcoins

In a span of 6 months, Zebpay has become the biggest bitcoin company in India. Crossing 25,000 downloads, Zebpay did Rs 20 crores ($3 million) turnover and 30,000 transactions in February 2016. And Indians topped up airtime and purchased vouchers with bitcoins worth Rs 10 lacs ($15,000) last month using Zebpay app.

New Features Highlights:

  • Rs Account

Users can now see their Rs balance in Zebpay app. When users sell bitcoins, their Zebpay Rs account will be credited. A user can either withdraw this amount to his / her bank account or use it to instantly buy bitcoins in future. For pro users, rather than having to do a bank transfer for every buy and sell, you can now simply maintain a Rs balance in your Zebpay Rs account.

  • Trade (Bid/Ask) – Now set your own bitcoin price on Zebpay

Yet another huge feature launched for pro bitcoiners. Users can now set a buy (bid) or sell (ask) price for buying / selling bitcoins. Zebpay will execute this order on finding a matching offer. So now, you can set prices and be free while Zebpay will take care of getting the best price for you!

  • Bitcoin transaction id – On user demand

The most requested feature from users is finally on the floor. Now users can see the bitcoin network transaction id when they send bitcoins to a bitcoin address. This means no need to call customer support to find out the status of transaction. Users can simply click on the transaction id and check the status by themselves. This will also save Zebpay, a few calls especially when the bitcoin network gets a little busy.

“We started Zebpay with a mission to make bitcoins simple. We are focused on providing the simplest way for users to buy, sell, store and spend bitcoins. Today we are excited to launch two huge new features for our pro users on Android. And coming very soon on iPhone” said Sandeep Goenka, founder and COO of Zebpay on the new release.

He further adds “our users have appreciated our hard work. Our Android app is highly rated at 4.4 stars out of 5 and the ratings are climbing every month. And the reviews and forums are full of congratulatory messages from our users appreciating Zebpay’s simplicity and our customer service.”

China did a record breaking volume of Rs 20,000 crores in only 24 hours this week. India is just getting started. Zebpay is working hard to make sure that Indians get the best bitcoin experience in the world.

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