Xiaomi Set for Record Sales in 2017

The Smartphone market is a billion-dollar industry that has shown massive growth over the last five years. With the likes of Samsung, Apple and Huawei all competing at the top of the ladder, it leaves little room for competing manufactures. Now it seems Xiaomi is making it into the big leagues and is expected to out-sell Huawei by the end of 2020.

Manufacturing out of China, Xiaomi has been one of the top selling brands in the last year. By the end of 2017, Xiaomi expects to ship as many as 90 million units. If this number is achieved, it would be the highest the company has ever seen. This is according to company founder and current Chief Executive Officer Lei Jun.

The past twelve months have been good to Xiaomi. Last month alone, the Chinese company could ship more than 10 million devices across all their operating region. The aim, according to Jun was to recapture the position of Top Vender in its home market by 2020; that being China of course. An aggressive expansion of device options was implemented in ordered to extend the companies reach into the global smartphone market.

Aggressive Expansion Plans

A little while ago, Xiaomi released the Redmi 5A. The compact device featured an impressive 5-inch display with a full HD (720 x 1280) screen, making it perfect for almost all smartphone uses, including playing casino NZ games. It also came out with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor and it was favourably priced to boot. The phone was released to the Chinese market at a selling price of CNY 599, which is certainly a competitive price for what you get out of the box.

The decision to expand outside of China has also proven to be a good bet. Business it seems is moving along nicely. Having entered the Indian market three years ago, Xiaomi has shipped a total of 25 million devices into the subcontinent. This is an impressive number and one that is only going to increase year on year. In China, competition is a little higher. At home, Xiaomi has the likes of Huawei to compete with as well as other burgeoning smartphone manufacturers. According to a well-known research firm, the Xiaomi’s numbers are not as high as they may report. According to them, the Xiaomi shipped around ten and a half million smartphones in China in the second quarter. This is a significant drop compared to the same quarter in 2016, which saw 17.1 million devices entering the Chinese market.

Still a Ways to Go

As it stands, Samsung holds the title as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. This is in terms of number of handsets shipped. For the same quarter that ended in June this year, Samsung shipped 79.8 million handsets. Apple was next in line, shipping 41 million and then Huawei with 38.5 million. Oppo is actually next on the list, shipping 27.8 million handsets and then Xiaomi with just 21.2 million. While their expansion is certainly impressive, they still have some ways to go until the numbers match that of the big three.

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